We all know how important it is to get social and make professional contacts. But so less do we realize how important it is to have friends at the workplace.

We spend most of our time at the workplace and considering this, having friends at the workplace would be so beneficial for the employees and employers as well. Here’s why.

1. Work Can Be So Much More Fun

When you have friends at the workplace work can be a lot easier and so much more interesting. You won’t be lazy anymore to go to work. You start loving your job and everything that comes with it because you get to spend lot of time with your bestie gang!

2. Productivity Increases

Having friends and interacting with them at the workplace helps you stay motivated. Motivated employees are more productive. So your overall productivity increases.

3. Workplace Communication

Having friends at workplace makes you interact with them and communicate easily. This will help you improve your communication skills. Having friendly communications with your friends opens up for more communication!

4. Organizational Growth

Imagine a workplace where your employees show up happily in an ‘un-grumpy’ mode and complete their tasks before deadlines. This is possible when you have something special for your employees; well in this case, having friends at the workplace increases the overall productivity of your employees and contributes to organizational growth.