Engagedly: Performance Management

Engagedly has different ways for you to discuss a template with your manager.


You can invite the managers to discuss the template by using ‘Discuss’ from the list of template actions only for the templates the you have created.

Template Discussion

Once you invite a user to discuss a template, they can find the invite under the ‘Performance Template Discussions’ section of their ‘My Dashboard’ page.


Users can only preview the template and add comments on it. They cannot edit the template content.


‘Distribute’ is another option to make the template available for managers to discuss. You can distribute a template only if you are assigned the permission for doing so. (By the site administrator)


You can go to the template and select ‘distribute’ from the list of actions and select the users.  Once you distribute a template, the user will receive a notification, following which, they will be redirected to the ‘Distributed’ section of ‘Templates’.


Distributing a template also allows the user to only preview the template and not edit it. (Depends On Permissions)

Push To Library

As a site administrator, you can push the template to library by selecting ‘Push To Library’ from the list of template actions. This template will be available to everyone to preview or download.


As a user, if you want to push your template to the library, it is mandatory for you to have permission to do so.

Note: You can use this option only when the Template Library is enabled to be visible to all users.


Change Ownership

As a template creator, you can change the ownership of your template. This allows the new-owner to view, edit, discuss,  delete, and download the template.


The new-owner can find the template in the ‘Created’ section of their templates.

The new-owner will be able to distribute the template only if he has been assigned the permission to manage templates.


If you want to share a template with a manager, you can give them the permission to manage templates. (As a site administrator)

This permission allows them to view, edit, delete and download the template.

You can do it by going to ‘Permissions’ from the ‘Settings’ page. Here you can either create and set a new permission or use an existing permission and add users to it.



One more option is ‘Export As PDF’.

As a user or a site administrator, you can share the template offline with a manager by exporting it as a PDF and sharing it with them.


Note: When you export a template as PDF, ensure that the pop-up blocker allows downloads from ENGAGEDLY.