Performance management has been experiencing a seismic shift in thinking and effectiveness over the last several years. The millennial workforce now is a majority of the US workforce with almost 54% of the employee population, and that has driven a lot of change in workplace behaviors. Once a year rigid ratings-based performance appraisals are slowing fading away to continuous bite-sized approaches to performance. While the once-a-year approach is still used in the majority of organizations, it is not necessarily popular or effective with a large majority of employees feeling that they provide very little value.

According to a research study by Deloitte, over 70% of organizations are evaluating their performance management processes or have recently implemented new processes and tools. Several organizations are transitioning to a developmental and active engagement-driven approach to performance pioneered by platforms such as Engagedly.


Key Trends in Performance Management

Here are some of the trends in performance management that have seen success and adoption among progressive organizations.

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