Share. Recognize. Improve.

Enable employees to seamlessly give and receive feedback, promoting open communication and constructive critique throughout the organization. Celebrate achievements and contributions through public praise, boosting morale and fostering a positive work environment. Utilize real-time insights and comprehensive reports to identify areas for improvement, guiding personal and organizational growth effectively.


Companies using real-time feedback make decisions 2X faster, enabling them to adapt to market changes and seize opportunities more effectively.

- McKinsey & Company

Designed for Comprehensive Team Engagement and Analysis

Empower your workforce with our intuitive feedback tools, designed to foster a culture of continuous improvement and recognition.

  • Share and Request Feedback: Give and receive feedback seamlessly from anyone within the organization, promoting open communication and constructive critique.
  • Anonymous Feedback: Provide honest and candid feedback without revealing identity, ensuring truthful and unbiased input.
  • Public Praise: Recognize and celebrate the employees’ achievements by publicly praising their contributions, enhancing morale and team spirit.
  • Reward Points: Encourage active participation by awarding points for sharing feedback, motivating employees to contribute regularly.
  • Mobile Application: Access the Feedback Wall and participate in the feedback process on the go with our mobile app, enabling employees to share, request, and view feedback anytime, anywhere.
  • Controlled Visibility: Ensure feedback data is accessible only to authorized individuals, maintaining confidentiality and protecting sensitive information.
  • Feedback Reports: View and export comprehensive feedback reports to analyze trendsn and take strategic action.


A Step-by-Step Guide to Our Real-time Feedback Ecosystem

1. Share Feedback

Facilitate seamless feedback exchange among employees, promoting open communication and fostering a culture of growth.

2. Request Feedback

Empower employees to request feedback from peers, supervisors, or other stakeholders, encouraging continuous improvement.

3. Nudge Employees

Prompt managers to remind employees to submit feedback, ensuring widespread participation and engagement throughout the organization.

4. Reports & Insights

Gain access to comprehensive feedback reports offering valuable insights, facilitating informed decision-making and strategic action.


Tailored Solutions to Unlock Potential of Your People

Direct Feedback Exchange

Solicit personalized feedbacks from both peers and managers to gain a comprehensive understanding of your strengths, and areas for development.

Project Feedback

Gather insights on specific projects or initiatives to pinpoint successes, areas for improvement, and lessons learned for future endeavors.

Team Dynamics

Collect feedback on team dynamics to understand collaboration, communication, and cohesion within teams, facilitating improvements in team performance and morale.

Training and Development

Empower employees with feedback on training programs, aiding in the application of newfound skills and knowledge within their roles.

Experience the power of real-time feedback in driving engagement, growth, and organizational success.

Elevate your feedback culture with Engagedly’s Real-Time Feedback Module.


Resources to level up your game

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