Achieve alignment with objective and accurate feedback

With Marissa AI, managers and people leaders are empowered to give employees feedback that builds trust rather than fear. Utilizing the SBI (Situation, Behavior, Impact) framework Marissa AI ensures the feedback is accurate, objective, and unbiased – leaving a lasting positive impression in workplace interactions! This helps foster communication, and trust between managers, and employees giving them the opportunity to realign expectations with desired results.

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Drive positive change with constructive feedback

With Marissa AI, managers and people leaders can provide feedback tailored to the context at hand. By contextualizing each situation, the employees behavior, and its impact, Marissa AI focuses on specific areas in need of improvement to provide constructive feedback. Now managers and leaders can ensure their feedback is relevant, and actionable to create forward momentum for everyone involved without jeopardizing candor along the way.

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Maximize your impact with real-time feedback

With Marissa AI managers and leaders can generate impactful feedback in minutes. This provides an opportunity for real-time feedback that can become a powerful tool for managers to nip performance issues in the bud. No longer do they need to worry about limitations of their communication skills or potential prejudices. All that needs to be done is keying-in relevant prompts based on the SBI framework, and Marissa AI will provide accurate, contextual feedback in no time!

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Here’s how Marissa AI works

With Marissa AI, providing constructive feedback is no longer a daunting task, but rather an opportunity to unlock your team’s full potential. Say goodbye to the stress, and uncertainty of feedback, and hello to the power of Marissa AI – your trusted feedback ally to building highly engaged, high-performance teams.

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