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A first-of-its-kind summary for 360 Degree Feedback by Marissa AI

Marissa AI takes the hassle out of summarizing your feedback reports by making it effortless. Now summarize 360 Degree Feedback reports in just a few clicks. You can choose to summarize the entire report or focus on a specific section, feedback area, or representative behaviors – whatever you need! Enjoy a quicker way to complete the entire 360-degree feedback cycle.



Elevate Your Goal-Setting Experience

With Marissa AI, you can now generate goal titles and relevant key results within a few seconds. This simplifies the process of creating relevant key results for goals that are in alignment and also missing out on impactful key results that contribute meaningfully towards the achievement of the goal and overall organization impact. Just enter the prompts for your goal and click on the Marissa Icon. It will generate and suggest goal titles and key results that are in total alignment.



Introducing Ask Marissa AI: Your Ultimate HR Support Partner

Ask Marissa™ is powered by AI and has comprehensive knowledge of HR topics and product documentation. No more generic responses! She listens to your unique questions, ensuring you receive a response that hits the bullseye and addresses your query. She provides carefully handpicked citations with every response, enabling you to delve deeper and broaden your understanding. Simply click on the citations link and unlock a treasure trove of additional information.



HR Resources Bot: Unleash your HR Resources Library with Ask Marissa

Utilize Ask Marissa’s capability to answer all queries and provide relevant information by creating a library of HR resources that Marissa AI can access. All you have to do is upload all relevant resources, including your company’s compliance documents, policies, or other resources, to Marissa’s “Training Resources” library. They can be uploaded as documents, PDFs, or website URLs. Once your resources are in place, you’ll be amazed at how Ask Marissa handles employee queries effortlessly.



Generate Impactful Descriptions Effortlessly with Marissa AI

Get rid of writer’s block with Marissa AI. Marissa AI generates concise, impactful descriptions tailored to your content. A task that used to take minutes now takes just a few seconds. It’s true! Marissa AI turbocharges your productivity so you can focus on other crucial tasks. You can now create impactful descriptions for IDPs, surveys, learning courses, and comprehensive job descriptions, including requirements and responsibilities, using Marissa AI.



Achieve alignment with objective and accurate feedback

With Marissa AI, managers and people leaders are empowered to give employees feedback that builds trust rather than fear. Utilizing the SBI (Situation, Behavior, Impact) framework, Marissa AI ensures the feedback is accurate, objective, and unbiased – leaving a lasting positive impression in workplace interactions! This helps foster communication and trust between managers and employees, giving them the opportunity to realign expectations with desired results.



Create a culture of appreciation with Marissa AI

With Marissa AI, you can now create effective praises that will inspire your team, spark meaningful conversations, and build a culture of appreciation in no time. Gone are the days of struggling to find the right words to praise your employees. With Marissa AI, you can generate personalized, impactful praises that will instantly boost your team’s morale. Don’t wait to show your gratitude because Marissa AI enables you to create praises that are timely and make a difference.



Streamline and summarize your Team Pulse reports with Marissa AI

Using Marissa AI, you can now summarize the responses to open-ended questions on Team Pulse in just a few clicks. Making better decisions will be easier with Marissa AI summarizing responses, and you’ll better understand your employees’ engagement levels. With impactful summaries, you’ll stay up-to-date on your employees’ sentiments and pulse and keep your organization on track to success. With Marissa AI, discover a more insightful approach to understanding your organization’s engagement and pulse now.



IDP milestones now revolutionized by Marissa AI

Marissa AI™ is here to assist you in your IDP journey. Creating milestones with Marissa AI™ is a breeze. You can generate personalized milestones tailored to your IDP without any hassle within seconds. Make use of the suggestions generated by Marissa AI™, and add them seamlessly as milestones that truly reflect your development journey. You can also disregard suggestions that don’t align with your goals, and more suggestions can be generated until you have enough milestones for your IDP.


Survey Insights, Simplified with Marissa AI’s Summarization

Introducing Marissa AI’s latest superpower: Open-ended response summarization for surveys. No more guesswork or tiring analysis marathons. Just click on Marissa AI’s icon next to any survey question you want to summarize, and watch the magic unfold. In an instant, those complicated open-ended responses are converted into concise summaries, ready for you to interpret.

AI Enablement Coach

Achieve Success with Your AI-Powered Partner for Growth

HR leaders, managers, and employees can work more efficiently and effectively with Marissa AI. Her advanced capabilities will help users become better communicators and leaders. This is done by assisting them in giving effective feedback, and praise, gathering and summarizing insights from surveys, feedback, and more.

HR Leaders

Achieve Alignment with Objective and Accurate Feedback

  • Empower managers to give accurate and unbiased feedback using Marissa AI’s SBI framework.
  • Foster trust and effective communication between managers and employees.
  • Realign expectations and drive desired results with constructive feedback.
HR Managers

Create a Culture of Appreciation with Marissa AI

  • Inspire teams with personalized and impactful praise generated by Marissa AI™.
  • Build a culture of appreciation and boost team morale.
  • Easily express gratitude and spark meaningful conversations with timely praise.
Individual Employees

Revolutionize IDP Milestones with Marissa AI

  • Effortlessly create personalized IDP milestones with Marissa AI™.
  • Receive tailored suggestions that align with your development goals.
  • Redefine your growth journey and achieve individual milestones with ease.
Frequently Asked Questions

Marissa AI Simplified

How does Marissa AI enable organizations to streamline HR processes?

Marissa AI, as an AI enablement coach, automates routine HR tasks, allowing organizations to focus on strategic initiatives and employee development. It simplifies processes like feedback summarization, creating IDP milestones, and streamlining Team Pulse reports for better efficiency.

How does Marissa AI support the leadership of the organization?

Marissa AI supports organizational leadership by providing data-driven insights and strategic workforce planning. It empowers CHROs to make well-informed decisions, fostering a high-performing organization and driving success.

What functions does Marissa AI support?

Marissa AI assists in giving objective and accurate feedback, creating a culture of appreciation, summarizing feedback and surveys, setting IDP milestones, and streamlining Team Pulse reports. It serves as a versatile AI-powered solution for various HR functions.

What is the future of AI-led HR?

The future of AI-led HR is promising, as AI enablement coaches like Marissa AI continue to revolutionize HR practices. They will play a pivotal role in enhancing employee experiences, promoting data-driven decision-making, and driving organizational success. AI-led HR is set to redefine HR leadership and efficiency in the future of work.

How does Marissa AI support individual employee growth plans?

Marissa AI revolutionizes individual employee growth plans by providing personalized suggestions aligned with employees' development goals. It makes setting IDP milestones seamless, ensuring individual growth and career development.

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We now have a way to track professional development and achievement. Easy to use, we love the message boards and group function, the goal setting and monitoring feature for professional development, and the reminders to check-in on progress are great.


Elle B, Marketing Associate

51-200 Employees

Engagedly exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend it to anyone. Everything is present under one platform, whether to give feedback, fill self-check-ins, university learnings, goal setting, praise anyone, etc. interactive dashboard is very impressive.


Jignesh R, HR Administrator

1001+ Employees

Engagedly’s user-friendly software made the onboarding process at Altisource very seamless. Whenever there were challenges, Engagedly was quick to respond and solve the issue at hand.


Jordan E, Head of People Solutions Team

1001+ Employees

Glad we picked Engagedly! It has quickly become part of our every day work life. From launching with praise/recognition to weekly check-ins to quarterly 1-on-1s, internal adoption, because of ease of use, has gone well.


Karen F, Head of People/HR

201-500 Employees

I believe Engagedly is solving the issue of not knowing or remembering all of the training and new platforms learned throughout the year. It is a good tool for helping yourself list all accomplishments for your annual review.


Latasha M, Credit Analyst

51-1000 emp

Engagedly has been our best software selection yet! Our compliance with our performance, goal setting, feedback and learning has been exponentially higher with the software.


Laura B, Director, Talent Management

51-200 employees


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