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We are delighted to collaborate with forward-thinking organizations that share our vision of fostering employee engagement, growth, and development. Through our diverse network of integration partners, reseller partners, and consultants, we strive to create a thriving ecosystem that empowers companies worldwide.
Types of Partnerships

Guiding organizations on the path to success

We love working with innovative organizations that are just as passionate about creating engaged and empowered employees as we are. With our trusted network of partners, we’re building a thriving ecosystem that helps companies around the globe grow and succeed.

Integration Partners

Engagedly’s Solution Partners bring their expertise, knowledge, and cutting-edge technologies to our ecosystem, expanding the range of solutions and services available to our customers. By collaborating with Solution Partners, we ensure that our platform remains at the forefront of the ever-evolving employee engagement landscape.

Consultant Partners

Engagedly’s Consultants are highly skilled professionals who provide invaluable guidance and expertise to organizations seeking to enhance employee engagement strategies. These partners possess a deep understanding of our platform’s capabilities and best practices for implementation, customization, and optimization.

Reseller Partners

Our Reseller Partners can leverage our robust platform to offer their clients a comprehensive suite of talent management tools by partnering with Engagedly. As a Reseller Partner, you gain access to Engagedly’s powerful resources, training, and support, enabling you to drive business growth while delivering exceptional value to your customers.

Referral Partners

Engagedly’s Referral Partners are trusted advisors and influencers within their networks who recognize the value of Engagedly and refer their clients, colleagues, and contacts to our platform. Become an advocate for our platform, promoting the benefits of talent management and driving awareness among your network.

Successful Partnerships

Why partner with us?

Comprehensive and Innovative Platform

Engagedly offers a comprehensive suite of employee engagement tools, including performance management, goal setting, continuous feedback, learning and development, and more. By partnering with Engagedly, you gain access to a highly scalable and innovative platform that enables you to deliver exceptional value to your clients and stay ahead of the competition.

Proven Success and Customer Satisfaction

Engagedly has a track record of success and a growing base of satisfied customers across various industries. Our platform has consistently delivered measurable results, driving employee engagement, productivity, and business outcomes. By partnering with Engagedly, you align yourself with a trusted brand known for its commitment to customer success.

Collaborative Partnership and Support

Engagedly values the success of its partners and fosters a collaborative partnership approach. We provide dedicated resources, training, and support to help our partners excel in their engagement initiatives. From onboarding to ongoing support, we work hand-in-hand with our partners to ensure mutual growth and success.

Innovation and Adaptability

Engagedly is committed to continuous innovation and staying ahead of market trends. As a partner, you benefit from our ongoing investments in research and development, ensuring that you have access to the latest features, enhancements, and technologies. With Engagedly, you can confidently address the evolving needs of your clients and adapt to changing market dynamics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Partnering with Engagedly

How does the LMS Content Integration work?

We seamlessly integrate with our partners and content providers to add your needed courses. Engagedly will do this for you, as we have inbuild integration with the providers

Are you able to recommend leading HR experts?

We partner with leading industry experts and can recommend the best fit for resolving any HR challenges you face.

Can I integrate my HRIS? What if I choose not to integrate?

Engagedly has inbuilt direct integration with our various providers today. If we do not, we will integrate via SFTP ( Secure File Transfer Protocol).

Can I integrate with Slack, MS Team, Gmail, or Outlook?

Yes, we have integrations with all of the above.

As an existing customer, who I contact?

Your Account Manager here at Engagedly or our Support Team.

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