People Engagement Survey

Employee engagement survey
for the modern workforce

AI-powered engagement surveys offer an advanced and efficient approach to measuring employee engagement, providing valuable insights into satisfaction levels, areas for improvement, and potential roadblocks to growth and development.

EngagedlyDiscover Key Insights

Demographic level reporting offers

  • Leaders and managers with detailed insights to understand their workforce
  • Filtering of insights by business units, age, tenure, teams, and location
EngagedlyMeasure Engagement

Engagement index & favorability score

  • Gauge the engagement level of your employees by using advanced engagement index
  • Use favorability Score to measure employee sentiment and gain a deeper understanding of employee satisfaction levels.
EngagedlyOvercome Engagement Gaps

Identify and cover gaps

  • Helps bridge the gap between perceived employee engagement of the organization and the actual employee engagement
EngagedlyActionable Insights

Advanced engagement analytics

  • Heatmaps to help you gain deep insights on the employee’s thought processes and how it affects the overall engagement of your organization
Employee Engagement Surveys

Advanced employee engagement survey for modern workplace dynamics

Failing to effectively engage your workforce? Switch to AI-powered engagement surveys and use powerful insights to inform actions for improvement.

Employee Engagement for Leaders

Effective leadership is the result of continuous improvement, and engagement surveys help leaders:

  • Assess the drivers of engagement and identify areas that are a leading cause of disengagement among employees
  • Gain valuable insights into their employees’ motivations and job satisfaction
  • To take action based on the feedback received to improve employee engagement
Employee Engagement for Managers

​Managers act as a driving force for their team, providing guidance, feedback, and support to keep them motivated and productive. Engagement surveys help managers to:

  • Get an accurate understanding of their team’s motivation and satisfaction levels.
  • Identify areas that need improvement and develop strategies to address these concerns.
  • Build stronger relationships with their team members by demonstrating that they value their opinions and concerns
  • Create an environment where employees feel empowered and motivated to perform at their best
Employee Engagement for Individual Employees

Employees feel valued when their voices are heard. Engagement surveys help employees to:

  • Voice their opinions and concerns about their workplace environment and setup
  • Shape their workplace culture and create a better work environment for themselves and their colleagues
  • Have a sense of ownership and pride in their work, as they see that their opinions and feedback are valued by their organization
Roadmap to Engagement Survey:

Revolutionize your strategy with our expert guide & comprehensive survey templates

An expert employee engagement guide to creating, implementing, and conducting engagement surveys with E10 template

Frequently Asked Questions

Employee Engagement Survey Simplified

What is an employee engagement survey?

Employee engagement surveys measure employee satisfaction and engagement levels. They include questions about job satisfaction, communication with managers, growth opportunities, the workplace environment, and relationships with colleagues. Use them to improve your organization's success by optimizing employee engagement.

How do employee engagement surveys benefit organizations?

Employee engagement surveys offer numerous benefits, including measuring job satisfaction and commitment, identifying areas for improvement, and providing insights for growth opportunities. They can also improve performance and morale while developing long-term strategies for success.

How do AI-powered engagement surveys differ from traditional surveys?

AI-powered engagement surveys utilize advanced analytics and machine learning to provide more accurate and valuable insights into employee engagement levels. This technology can filter results by demographic and behavioral data to provide a more precise understanding of employee sentiment.

How often should employee engagement surveys be conducted?

The frequency of employee engagement surveys can vary based on the organization's size and needs. Generally, it is recommended to conduct surveys at least once a year to track progress and identify trends.

How can organizations ensure the confidentiality of employee responses in engagement surveys?

Organizations can ensure the confidentiality of employee responses by using third-party survey tools and maintaining anonymity. This promotes honest and open feedback from employees, allowing for more accurate and valuable insights.

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HR Professionals agree that Engagedly has a positive impact on Employee Development.

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Businesses can rely on Engagedly to make a positive impact on employee retention.

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The software is very user friendly and has a strong look-and-feel. My favorite feature is the Feedback tool – this is well designed and allows a great amount of flexibility for the user when giving or receiving feedback.

Nicole M, Talent Development Partner

501-1000 Employees


Engagedly’s user-friendly software made the onboarding process at Altisource very seamless. Whenever there were challenges, Engagedly was quick to respond and solve the issue at hand.

Jordan E, Head of People Solutions Team

1001+ Employees


It’s a very good tool for a smaller company that, just like the big companies, needs to address these issues. It has excellent features. I love that I can use this for onboarding, light LMS, and performance management/goals and development.

Tess F, Director, Employee Development

51-200 employees


Exceptional Platform and Customer Service. This software is extremely intuitive for all involved. I researched 8 of the top platforms my competitors were using and decided to go with Engagedly over them all.

Shereen S, Training Manager

501-1000 Employees


Engagedly is a wonderful tool to network with your colleagues! It allows you to network with everyone as you would on social media, and recognize/praise colleagues for their hard work.

Jacqueline Y, Client Success Specialist



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