Create. Distribute. Analyze.

Create, distribute, and analyze employee surveys to gather valuable insights and feedback. Tailor surveys to address specific areas of interest or concern, ensuring comprehensive data collection. Use results to make informed decisions and improvements, fostering a responsive and engaged workplace environment.


Designed for Comprehensive Team Engagement and Analysis

Empower your organization with our comprehensive survey tools, designed to gather valuable insights, enhance engagement, and drive informed decision-making.

  • Survey Management: Assign roles, create surveys from templates or scratch.
  • Questions & Settings: Choose from various question types and mark them as mandatory or anonymous.
  • Survey Distribution: Share surveys internally and externally via email, social media or public URLs.
  • Recurring Surveys: Set recurring surveys to automate distribution at specified intervals.
  • Automate Surveys: Automate survey processes using workflow integration to streamline distribution and data collection.
  • Gamification: Motivate participation by awarding redeemable points upon survey completion.
  • Feedback Reports: View and export comprehensive reports to analyze trends and take strategic action.


A Step-by-Step Guide to Our Employee Social Platform

1. Create Surveys

Empower survey managers to create customized surveys or use Engagedly’s template library.

2. Distribute Surveys

Share surveys via email, social media or public URLs with flexible end dates.

3. Collect Responses

Capture anonymous or identified responses via email, mobile app, or mobile browser.

4. Analyze Reports

Access detailed reports for actionable insights on engagement and satisfaction.


Tailored Solutions to Unlock Potential of Your People

Enhanced Onboarding Feedback

Gather comprehensive feedback from new hires about their experiences during the initial stages of employment.

Training and Development Needs Assessment

Identify skill gaps and training needs among employees to tailor development programs and initiatives effectively.

Change Management and Communication

Facilitate communication during organizational changes by collecting employee feedback and addressing concerns through structured surveys.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Assessment

Collect data on diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives through surveys to ensure a supportive and inclusive workplace environment.

Post-Event Feedback

Gather feedback following events, workshops, or training sessions to assess effectiveness and gather suggestions for future improvements.

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