Attract and Retain Skilled Workforce

  • Enhance employee retention rates by balancing organizational needs with employee needs through personalized Individual Development Plans, Rewards and Recognition programs, and transparent communication channels.
  • Strategically retain and position talent through Engagedly, facilitating continuous talent evaluation by seamlessly incorporating 1:1s, Real-time Feedback, and tracking Goals/OKRs.

Build Team Future-Ready Skills

  • Provide continuous learning opportunities with Engagedly’s Learning Experience Platform (LXP), ensuring workforce upskill and reskill to remain competitive amidst rapidly changing technological advancements.
  • Deliver training everywhere using our Mobile App so your workforce can complete training quickly and efficiently.
  • Elevate your team’s potential with Engagedly’s Skills Library. Use Skill Assessments to identify and develop employees with leadership potential to fill critical roles.
  • Utilize Engagedly’s Mentoring & Coaching features to pair knowledge and experienced workers with younger counterparts for knowledge transfer.

Engage your Office and Deskless Workers

  • Launch mobile enabled Engagement Survey to gauge the level of staff engagement, followed by Team Pulse to monitor the effectiveness of organizational initiatives taken on the basis of survey outcomes.
  • Run mobile app based regular Check-ins and 1:1s to keep supervisors informed about workers challenges and achievements.
  • Utilize Engagedly’s Mobile App Feedback mechanisms, quantifying success with Award points, and encouraging Public Praise or maintaining high levels of engagement.
  • Run Surveys to understand worker perceptions at large & gather feedback and insights from staff, ensuring their voices are heard and contributing to continuous improvement efforts.

Boost Productivity & Drive Accountability

  • Use Goals and OKRs to connect individual contributions to the big picture so that they feel part of something bigger than themselves, impacting operations and employee satisfaction.
  • Implement continuous Performance Management that drives accountability throughout the year.

Collaborate Efficiently by Effective Communication

  • Utilize Engagedly’s Social App to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing among the workforce.
  • Cut through the clutter and noise of the modern manufacturing environment and reach your staff using the EmployeeApp, tailoring customized messages to ensure smooth information flow and keep everyone informed effectively.
  • Utilize the Suggestion Box to foster a culture of open communication, where employees are assured that leaders maintain an open-door policy, actively seek their concerns and ideas, and are committed to taking action based on critical feedback.

Enhance Workplace Safety and Employee Well-being

  • Transform your manufacturing environment into a safer, more supportive space by leveraging Team Pulse, empowering employees to voice concerns and spotlight potential risks, nurturing a proactive safety culture.
  • Mobile-enabled Learning Experience Platform (LXP) to offer in-depth safety training that encompasses emergency protocols, hazard recognition, and operational procedures, ensuring your workforce is well-prepared and informed.
  • Tailor your workplace safety education and certifications to meet the unique needs of different roles within your organization. Keep a close watch on compliance levels to mitigate risks effectively.

In the challenging landscape of manufacturing, Engagedly is your strategic partner in building a resilient, skilled, and engaged workforce.

Experience the transformative impact of Engagedly on your operations.


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