Efficient Talent Onboarding

  • Minimize operational disruptions with our Onboarding Automation Playbook. Quickly fill staffing gaps by automating orientation, compliance training, 30-60-90 days Feedback, Buddy Assignments, and personalized Welcome Emails.
  • Track your healthcare employee skills with Engagedly’s Skills Library. Nurture your new hires to build out their Career Aspirations through tailored Individual Development Plans (IDPs).
  • Leverage tools such as 30-60-90 Feedback and Goal Assignment to set transparent expectations and align new staff with the industry’s dynamic pace.

Keep up with Digital Transformation in Healthcare Industry

  • Provide continuous learning opportunities with Engagedly’s Learning Experience Platform (LXP), ensuring they stay updated on technological advancements and industry trends.
  • Leverage Engagedly’s Intranet and Social Connections features to facilitate effective internal communication and disseminate critical information regarding digital transformation initiatives and best practices.

Optimize your People Performance and Skill Development

  • Harness Engagedly’s integrated Performance Management system for continuous talent evaluation and development, integrating 1:1s, Real-time Feedback, and Goals/OKRs to strategically retain and position talent.
  • Assess employee Skills to identify areas for specialization and diversification to optimize resource allocation and talent management, ensuring a well-rounded workforce.
  • Leverage Engagedly’s Mentoring and Coaching features to identify and nurture future leaders within the organization to mitigate the impact of staffing shortages on leadership roles.
  • Understand employee Career Aspirations, aligning individual goals with company needs effectively to maintain workforce satisfaction and stability.
  • Improve retention rates by offering personalized Individual Development Plans (IDPs), Rewards and Recognition programs, and transparent communication channels, fostering a supportive and growth-oriented culture.

Ensure Compliance and Regulatory Adherence

  • Ensure continuous compliance with structured Learning pathways to mitigate risks linked to non-compliance.
  • Use our Learning Experience Platform (LXP) to stay updated on regulatory changes and ensure staff receive the necessary training and guidance to adhere to evolving industry requirements.
  • Automate Learnings to eliminate manual tasks, minimize errors, and accelerate the cycle for tracking and managing compliance training and certifications.

Break Down Silos in Healthcare Knowledge Sharing

  • Utilize Engagedly’s Social networking platform to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing among healthcare professionals, facilitating better patient care while breaking down silos.
  • Communicate among employees using the EmployeeApp, tailoring customized messages to ensure smooth information flow and effectively keep everyone informed.
  • Use Suggestion Box to ensure seamless communication and collaboration across different departments.

Promote Staff Well-being and Prevent Burn-out

  • Gain valuable insights into workforce engagement and satisfaction using Engagedly’s E10 Engagement Survey.
  • Monitor and enhance employee well-being by keeping track of your Team’s Pulse and regular Check-Ins, facilitating proactive measures to prevent burnout and promote a healthy workplace culture.
  • Run Surveys to gather feedback and insights from healthcare staff, ensuring their voices are heard and contributing to continuous improvement efforts.
  • Foster a culture of recognition and motivation by leveraging Engagedly’s Feedback mechanisms, Award points system, and Public Praise feature, reinforcing positive behaviors and boosting morale among healthcare teams.

In the dynamic world of healthcare, Engagedly stands as your ally in driving operational excellence and collaborative success.

Take the first step towards a more efficient, connected, and satisfied workforce.


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