Global Healthcare IT Provider Improve Employee Engagement


Commerce, Michigan, USA.


Low employee morale and employee engagement


Nuspire implemented the Engagedly E10 Engagement Survey, which provided them with insights to elevate employee engagement throughout the organization.


Employee engagement surged by 15%

Nuspire, a leading managed security services provider (MSSP) was struggling with low employee morale in certain areas of their business. The leadership team wanted to take an objective approach to understand the reasons behind
After partnering with Engagedly, Nuspire was able to effect a change in the way their processes worked. With Engagedly E10 at their disposal, Nuspire was able to:

  • Analyze the engagement metrics of their workforce
  • Able to increase employee engagement by 15%
  • Effectively execute their performance management strategy

About Nuspire

Nuspire is a leading managed security services provider (MSSP) based in Commerce, Michigan, USA. They have provided world-class cybersecurity services to some of the largest and most distinctive organizations globally. Established in 1999, Nuspire believes in revolutionizing the cybersecurity experience by taking an optimistic and people-first approach.

Low Employee Morale and Engagement

Before partnering with Engagedly, Nuspire struggled with low employee morale in specific business areas. The leadership team wanted to take an objective approach to understand its reasons. With that thought, they approached Engagedly to facilitate an employee engagement survey to get a thorough analysis of the organization and understand the engagement level of their employees. Furthermore, they wanted to gain insights into the critical areas of the leadership team.

Implementing the Engagement Survey

Emily Burke, HRD at Nuspire, wanted a solution to improve employee morale and help create an environment that bolsters engagement. They contacted Engagedly for their employee engagement consulting services to find solutions to their problems.

Our experts discussed the requirements with the leadership team to help Nuspire conduct engagement surveys and provided them with insights to elevate employee engagement throughout the organization.

A plan of action was then developed, working with Nuspire leadership to address the key drivers of engagement. Over a year, several engagement improvement programs were implemented, including progressive approaches to performance management and recognition modules from Engagedly to drive engagement.

“Our engagement results have soared, and we are doing some great things recently, like employee engagement events to rekindle morale and engagement among employees,” said Emily. “With Engagedly’s holistic performance management solution, we were able to identify some specific areas that needed our attention.”

Employee Engagement Shot by 15%

Nuspire is pleased with the results of the engagement surveys, and within three years, they have witnessed an increase in employee engagement by 15%. In addition to engagement surveys, Nuspire realized the need for a system to execute its performance management strategy and started utilizing other performance management modules from Engagedly, such as performance, feedback, surveys, org chart, and talent profile.

Nuspire’s leadership team is particularly happy with the enhanced engagement levels of their employees and aspires to drive further adoption of the platform to retain their top talent in 2023 and beyond.

Engagedly’s E10 Engagement Survey

The E10 Employee Engagement Survey has been designed by team Engagedly with the help of Future of Work expert Edie Goldberg, Ph.D., and Aaron Adams, VP of Professional Services. Measuring the level of employee engagement helps you gain valuable insights into what your employees think, what are the things that your organization does well, and areas of improvement.

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