Bottom Line Scale up by 15x Through a Culture of Excellence


Lekki, Lagos State


Fostering a High-Performance Culture


Implemented real-time feedback, OKRs, and a progressive performance management approach that provided them with insights to elevate employee engagement and scale up the bottom line through a culture of excellence.


Zone’s bottom line scaled up by 15 times

Zone is a regulated blockchain network reshaping the world of payments and digital currencies. Their pioneering blockchain technology enables the seamless transition from traditional fiat payments to digital currencies while fostering inclusivity among financial institutions.

By connecting participating institutions directly, Zone empowers them to conduct secure and efficient payment transactions without intermediaries. Their architecture automates settlement, reconciliation, and dispute management processes, eliminating unnecessary costs and ensuring reliable operations. Zone is making positive strides in creating a secure infrastructure that empowers institutions globally.

“Engagedly’s unwavering support and remarkable flexibility have been instrumental in propelling Zone’s journey towards establishing a high-performance culture. Their team has consistently gone above and beyond, enabling us to make significant strides towards fostering employee engagement, development, and exceptional productivity.”


Scaled up bottom line

Fostering a High-Performance Culture

Zone recognizes the critical importance of its workforce in achieving its aspirations of providing cutting-edge payment solutions. According to Omonuwa Olulano, the CHRO at Zone, their focus had been to cultivate a high-performance culture that could enhance employee productivity and strengthen the connection between employees and the organization’s vision. Additionally, Zone aimed to transform its performance management process into a progressive framework while addressing the following key issues:

Alignment: To create alignment between individual contributions and organizational goals that posed a challenge to overall performance and success.

Real-time Feedback: Facilitate employee growth and improvement in their job roles. They seek to establish a real-time constructive feedback system that provides timely guidance and support.

Skill Gap Identification and Development: To identify employee skill gaps and develop effective learning and development (L&D) initiatives to bridge them.

Real-time feedback, OKRs, and Progressive Performance Management

In partnership with Engagedly, Zone embarked on a comprehensive approach to creating a high-performance culture that embraces real-time feedback goal setting through OKRs, and fosters employee engagement. The experts at Engagedly initiated the following steps to optimize the performance management process and promote a culture of continuous improvement at Zone:

Understanding OKRs: Ensured that everyone, especially managers responsible for setting goals, fully grasped the Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) concept. This understanding was essential to align individual goals with organizational objectives, promoting clarity and accountability.

Building Regular Check-ins: Established a habit of regular check-ins between managers and employees. These check-ins provided a platform for ongoing communication, feedback exchange, and performance discussions. The aim was to foster a collaborative and supportive environment.

Embracing the Platform: Engagedly played a crucial role in helping Zone ensure widespread adoption and engagement with the performance management platform. By encouraging all employees to embrace the platform, Zone created a centralized hub for performance-related activities, fostering transparency and collaboration.

Optimizing Feedback and Recognition: Zone sought to enhance the feedback process and elevate employee recognition. Engagedly provided expert guidance, support, and flexibility to help Zone optimize these crucial aspects of performance management.

Manager Training and Workshops: Conducted specialized training programs and workshops for managers. The focus was to help them understand the importance of feedback to support their direct reports’ growth and progress. Managers had the necessary skills and mindset to deliver constructive feedback effectively.

Scenario-based Training: Implemented scenario-based training programs where managers practiced giving feedback in specific situations. This approach allowed managers to develop confidence in providing feedback and facilitated a consistent and constructive feedback culture throughout the organization.

Reinforcing the Purpose of Feedback: Emphasized that feedback was intended to enhance the job roles and overall development of their direct reports. This understanding encouraged managers to approach feedback to support their team members’ growth and progress.

Zone successfully established an efficient feedback process through this comprehensive approach, fostering a high-performance culture that values continuous improvement and employee development. The following sections will explore the outcomes of this approach and the subsequent benefits realized by Zone.

Zone’s bottom line scaled up by 15 times

Engagedly helped establish a progressive performance management framework that revolutionized Zone’s organizational landscape, building a high-performance culture that fosters employee engagement, development, and higher productivity. By providing real-time feedback and enabling effective goal setting, Zone empowered its employees to take ownership of their professional growth, resulting in increased commitment and drive.

This approach to feedback ensured that managers became more accountable for the growth and development of their team members. They were equipped with tools to assess and address their direct reports’ skills and weaknesses, fostering a supportive environment for continuous improvement.

The remarkable impact of Engagedly’s progressive performance management framework was exemplified by Zone’s bottom line scaling up an extraordinary 15 times. This exceptional financial growth showcased the effectiveness of Engagedly’s solution in driving organizational success and solidified its position as an industry leader.

Through their partnership with Engagedly, Zone experienced a paradigm shift in their performance management approach, unlocking their workforce potential and achieving remarkable bottom-line growth. Seeing this impressive transformation, Zone plans to incorporate an employee recognition and reward framework into their performance management process.


Engagedly helped establish a performance management framework at Zone that houses its core values and connects individual contributions with organizational goals OKRs brought in more ownership, transparency, and accountability in the workforce to achieve better outcomes. The real-time feedback process helped Zone’s employees become aware of their skill sets, strengths, and weaknesses, thereby assisting their overall growth and development.

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