Employee Analytics Tool

Harnessing the power of data

Engagedly’s AI-powered talent analytics and mobility tool enables you to get a complete overview of your employees’ performance, skills, objectives, and accomplishments.

EngagedlyData-driven decision-making

No more stressing over incomplete data

Apply sophisticated data analysis and reporting. Comprehensive data analysis and visualization tools to help HR teams make informed decisions about their workforce.

EngagedlyCustomizable performance metrics

Link goals to performance reviews

Set and customize performance metrics based on their unique needs and goals.

EngagedlyOn-the-Go Access

Check-in and update progress in real-time.

Accessible via mobile devices, allowing employees to access their performance data and feedback anywhere, anytime.

EngagedlyIntegration with Other HR Tools

Enable consistent growth easily

Seamlessly integrates with other HR tools to provide a comprehensive HR solution for organizations.

People Analytics Solutions

Talent Analytics and mobility for people success

Make informed decisions about your workforce with Engagedly’s Talent Analytics and Mobility module. With the power of data at your fingertips, you can take your talent management strategy to new heights and achieve success.

Talent Analytics and Mobility for Leaders
  • Gain Valuable Insights: Make informed decisions with data-driven insights from talent analytics
  • Identify Future Leaders: Talent mobility identifies high-potential employees for development opportunities
  • Foster Engagement: Use talent analytics to understand what motivates and engages employees
Talent Analytics and Mobility for Managers
  • Identify Skills Gaps: Create targeted development plans with talent analytics insights
  • Personalize Development Plans: Develop personalized plans based on skills, interests, and career aspirations
  • Foster Career Growth: Use talent mobility to help team members find new career opportunities
Talent Analytics and Mobility for Individual Employees
  • Identify Career Opportunities: It help employees find opportunities that align with their skills and interests
  • Receive Personalized Plans: Development plans tailored to their skills and aspirations with talent analytics
Objectives and Key Results Templates

How to use talent analytics to inform your business strategy

Discover how talent analytics can improve your HR practices and inform your business strategy in this blog post. Gain a competitive edge in your industry by leveraging the power of data-driven decision-making.

Frequently Asked Questions

Talent Analytics and Mobility Simplified

What is talent analytics, and how can it benefit my organization?

Talent analytics is a data-driven approach to analyzing employee performance, skills, and behavior to make informed decisions. It helps organizations improve their workforce planning, employee engagement, and retention.

How does a talent analytics and mobility tool work?

A talent analytics and mobility tool collects data from various sources, including performance reviews, employee surveys, and training records, to provide a comprehensive view of your workforce. It uses machine learning algorithms to identify patterns, trends, and insights that can help you make data-driven decisions.

Can a talent analytics and mobility tool help me identify skill gaps in my workforce?

Yes, a talent analytics and mobility tool can identify skill gaps in your workforce by analyzing employees' performance and training records. It provides insights into which skills your employees need to develop to meet your business objectives.

How can a talent analytics and mobility tool help with employee mobility?

A talent analytics and mobility tool can help with employee mobility by identifying employees' skills, interests, and career aspirations. It helps you identify internal talent and create career development plans that align with your business objectives.

How secure is my data with a talent analytics and mobility tool?

A talent analytics and mobility tool follows industry-standard security protocols to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data. Your data is encrypted both in transit and at rest and stored in secure data centers with multi-factor authentication and regular backups.

Proof is in the Numbers

Change, grow, & excel

Engagedly clients experience streamlined processes, boosted productivity, & increased engagement. 
It’s your turn to see just how much Engagedly can do for your organization!
Performance Management Time Saved

Administrators experienced a positive impact on the time to complete performance management tasks.

Impact on Employee Development

HR Professionals agree that Engagedly has a positive impact on Employee Development.

Improved Employee Retention

Businesses stated that Engagedly made a positive impact on their employee retention.

Our Satisfied Customers

Real Success, Real Stories.

Today’s organizations need strategic solutions, and they trust Engagedly to get the work done. Read the success stories of our customers.

Excellent System Overall. Engagedly was very helpful for our annual review process which had previously been really clunky and took up too much of my time to oversee manually.


Amanda J, People Operations Manager

51-200 employees

Definitely worth trying out… We were pleasantly surprised. The product is very easy to use, navigate and uses the current web 2.0 usability. The implementation is very effective with the full support from the vendor.


Arnab C, Vice President

51-200 Employees

Performance Management Made Easy. Integrated the entire performance management process into one amazing system. No more back and forth emails, different documents for different metrics etc.


Daniel M, Logistics Assistant

501-100 employees

Engagedly exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend it to anyone. Everything is present under one platform, whether to give feedback, fill self-check-ins, university learnings, goal setting, praise anyone, etc. interactive dashboard is very impressive.


Jignesh R, HR Administrator

1001+ Employees

I believe Engagedly is solving the issue of not knowing or remembering all of the training and new platforms learned throughout the year. It is a good tool for helping yourself list all accomplishments for your annual review.


Latasha M, Credit Analyst

51-1000 emp


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