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Team Pulse utilizes a series of thought-provoking questions to help managers, and leaders gain a better understanding of their employees. A recurring set of questions is sent out to employees on a set frequency to uncover insights and the root causes of issues, allowing them to guide better and make informed decisions.


Continuous Real-time Employee Engagement

Measure real-time impact and share learnings with your team using Engagedly’s E10 and Team Pulse. E10 measures overall employee engagement, while Team Pulse helps measure the impact of engagement initiatives in real-time, including survey questions like eNPS for a comprehensive assessment.


50% of high performers say they are less likely to leave a company that actively gauges and responds to employee sentiment.

- McKinsey & Company

Designed for Comprehensive Team Engagement and Analysis

Empower your workforce with our seamless suite of tools tailored to meet modern organizational needs.

  • Customizable Pulse Frequency & Recurring Questions: Customize pulse survey frequency to fit your team’s needs, ensuring timely and relevant feedback. Establish recurring questions for consistent team assessments.
  • Template Library: Access a diverse Template Library, customize questions to align with specific needs.
  • Mobile Application: Enhance accessibility and convenience with a mobile application, enabling employees and managers to seamlessly respond and review on the go.
  • Private & Anonymous Responses: Ensure privacy and encourage honest feedback with the option for both private and anonymous responses, creating a safe space for open communication.
  • Trends Over Time: Track and review historical responses to monitor team dynamics and identify trends over time, providing valuable insights into team development.
  • Inbox Conversation: Foster communication by initiating conversations based on feedback, facilitating dialogue among team members to address concerns.
  • Gamification: Recognize and motivate team members by awarding points for each response, promoting a positive feedback culture.
  • Manager Reviews: Incorporate managerial perspectives by allowing managers to provide targeted reviews.
  • Resource Center: Access the resource center, aiding in well-informed reviews and facilitating comprehensive assessments.
  • Reports & Analytics: Obtain actionable insights for strategic decision-making and continuous team enhancement.

The Question Behaviour Effect

Asking the right question can have a powerful, and transformative effect. That’s why Team Pulse uses tried, and trusted frameworks to tap into, and drive behavior change. Team Pulse’s nudge-type questions can inspire employee transformation and motivate them to take desired actions.

Some of the frameworks used are

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Team Pulse Ecosystem

1. Launch Pulse

Select from a pool of curated questions or create custom questions and launch them for the teams to respond and managers to review.

2. Driver Questions

Add Engagement Pulse driver questions from Engagedly’s Private Question Library. Their responses remain exclusive to administrators and may be marked as anonymous to safeguard employee privacy.

3. Team Questions

Empower managers tailor additional questions tailored to the unique dynamics of their respective teams.

4. Employee Responses

Employees respond to the questions every week.

5. Managers Review

Managers review responses and comments, fostering discussions. They can also view overall team sentiment on the Team page.

6. Reports and Insights

Get a dashboard with an analytical overview of the team’s responses, providing actionable insights.

6. Strategic Action

Identify and implement strategic initiatives based on the gathered insights for continual team improvement.


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Tailored Solutions to Unlock Potential of Your People

Understand Team's Pulse and Sentiments

Gain insights into the collective feelings and attitudes of the team, facilitating better leadership and management decisions.

Continuous Real-time Engagement

Team Pulse survey complements Engagedly’s e10 Survey by measuring the real-time impact of the organization’s engagement initiatives.

Employee Satisfaction and Attrition Prevention

Continuously monitor employee satisfaction to identify areas that may need attention. Receive early warning indicators of potential employee disengagement, enabling proactive measures to prevent attrition.

Employee Well-Being

Monitor and address concerns related to well-being and work-life balance, using the Team Pulse tool to gauge the impact of workload and stress, implementing initiatives for work-life harmony.

Strategic Decision-Making

Use data to inform strategic decisions, gaining insights into team strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities aligned with organizational goals.

Change Management

Gauge team sentiment and engagement during periods of organizational change, such as mergers, acquisitions, or major restructuring.

Drive Continuous Conversations

Foster a culture of continuous conversations and feedback between managers and employees, promoting open communication channels.

Alignment with Organizational Values

Measure how teams align with the organization’s values and culture to ensure that teams work harmoniously with the organization’s mission and vision.

Engagedly’s Team Pulse is a unique offering which combines the ability for HR leaders to pulse engagement questions anonymously and have manager team check-ins weekly.

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