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Our module empowers organizations to unlock their full potential through thorough evaluation and strategic optimization. Dive into comprehensive assessments, engage in meaningful conversations, and fine-tune strategies for optimal outcomes. Elevate your performance management with our transformative approach, fostering continuous improvement and achieving excellence at every step.


Cultivate a Continuous Performance Culture

Cultivate a Continuous Performance Culture with Engagedly, emphasizing regular performance reviews and ongoing development opportunities. Empower your team to thrive in a dynamic environment with our robust module, which features flexibility to customize the settings and format of performance reviews according to your organization’s specific requirements.


Organizations that utilize dedicated performance management tools experience a 21% increase in productivity.

- Gartner

Designed for Comprehensive Team Engagement and Analysis

Empower your workforce with our seamless suite of learning tools, tailored to meet modern organizational needs. Please note that the features with * sign are under development.

  • Template Library: Select from a range of templates or customize them to meet your organization’s unique needs.
  • Run Multiple Cycles: Implement concurrent review cycles to improve evaluation efficiency. Use department-specific templates within each cycle for relevant assessments.
  • *Automation: Launch reviews automatically at scheduled times without the need for manual reminders. Decrease administrative burden while maintaining process integrity.
  • Cross-Module Integration: Seamlessly integrate with other modules like IDPs, goals, and competency-based reviews. Explore the Resource Center for added assistance and support.
  • Mobile Application: Provide convenience with the mobile app, enabling users to view previous reviews on the go.
  • Controlled Visibility: Maintain controlled visibility of review data, ensuring that sensitive information is accessed only by authorized individuals.
  • Development Recommendations: Share training and development recommendations based on review outcomes to support employee growth and learning.
  • Calibration: Enable thorough calibration of reviews by managers or admins to reduce bias and ensure fairness.
  • Reports and Analytics: Access comprehensive reports to track performance trends, evaluate leadership potential, plan succession, and identify high-potential employee groups.


A Step-by-Step Guide to Our Performance Module

1. Template Creation

Design performance review templates tailored to your organizational needs.

2. Cycle Configuration

Configure a customized performance review cycle to fit your timelines and goals.

3. Participant Incorporation

Add employees to the performance review cycle who are eligible for that review period.

4. Template Assignment and Sharing

Assign one or more templates to employees and managers within the same cycle, either manually or automatically.

5. Self and Manager Reviews

Facilitate structured self-assessments and manager evaluations simultaneously. Include additional reviewers for cross-functional feedback.

6. Calibrate Ratings

Enable thorough calibration of reviews by managers or admins to reduce bias and ensure fairness.

7. Reports & Insights

Utilize the 9-Box model to assess leadership potential and include manager recommendations for a holistic view.

8. Strategic Action

Leverage reviews to pinpoint training needs, develop Individual Development Plans (IDPs), and assign appropriate goals and mentors for focused employee growth.


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Tailored Solutions to Unlock Potential of Your People

Hire Date-Based Review

Conduct structured reviews at key milestones (30, 60, and 90 days) post-hire to assess new hires’ performance and development needs.

Focal Date-Based Review

Implement reviews centered around specific focal dates, aligning performance evaluations with organizational goals and strategic planning periods.

Work Anniversary Date-Based Review

Schedule reviews based on employees’ work anniversaries to ensure regular, personalized feedback and growth discussions.

Promotion Date-Based Review

Conduct targeted reviews at the time of promotions to assess readiness, identify development needs, and set new performance expectations.

Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs)

Implement and track PIPs for underperforming employees, providing a structured approach to help them meet performance standards.

Employees' Skills and Competencies Assessment

Evaluate employees’ skills and competencies regularly to ensure alignment with role requirements, guiding training and development initiatives.

Discover how our comprehensive talent assessment empowers you to unlock the full potential of your workforce, fostering a culture of accountability, continuous improvement, and strategic workforce planning.

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