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At Engagedly, we work with HR teams worldwide to create exceptional workplaces that drive results, elevate employee satisfaction, and fuel success.
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Our guiding stars

The heart of Engagedly is our leadership team, who exemplify our values of excellence, integrity, accountability, and respect in everything we do. We are dedicated to closely collaborating with our clients to comprehend their needs and guide them toward achieving their goals.

Bharath A
Product Solutions Analyst
Deepak A
Engineering Manager
Chandler Barr
VP of Sales & Business Development
Girish Bhagavath
Team Lead
Srikant Chellappa
Shreya Jha
Senior Data Analyst
Kalyan Kumar PV
Sr. Manager of Human Resources
Sakshi Kumari
Product Manager Associate
Jacqueline Martinez
Director of Marketing
William Miller
Enterprise Account Executive
Stanley Natarajan
Director Customer Experience
Sushma Pathak
Team Lead
Veera Siva Reddy
Head-Corporate Finance
Pankaj Singh
Advisory board

Empowered by experts

Engagedly’s advisory board is comprised of accomplished leaders from various industries who provide invaluable guidance and insight to our company. Their expertise and experience help us stay at the forefront of our field and provide the best possible solutions to our clients.

Dr. Edie Goldberg
Founder & President of E.L. Goldberg & Associates
Gordon Rapkin
Principal ALBA Advantage
Dan Bloch
Vice President, North American Financial Services/Canada Applications, Oracle
William Tincup
CEO, Tincup & Co
Kacey Walters
Learning & Development Leader, Coalition
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Careers that empower growth and success

Be a part of a global team that is highly driven, engaged, and collaborative. Explore career opportunities with us.

Types of Partnerships

Guiding organizations on the path to success

We love working with innovative organizations that are just as passionate about creating engaged and empowered employees as we are. With our trusted network of partners, we’re building a thriving ecosystem that helps companies around the globe grow and succeed.

Integration Partners

Engagedly’s Solution Partners bring their expertise, knowledge, and cutting-edge technologies to our ecosystem, expanding the range of solutions and services available to our customers. By collaborating with Solution Partners, we ensure that our platform remains at the forefront of the ever-evolving employee engagement landscape.

Consultant Partners

Engagedly’s Consultants are highly skilled professionals who provide invaluable guidance and expertise to organizations seeking to enhance employee engagement strategies. These partners possess a deep understanding of our platform’s capabilities and best practices for implementation, customization, and optimization.

Reseller Partners

Our Reseller Partners can leverage our robust platform to offer their clients a comprehensive suite of talent management tools by partnering with Engagedly. As a Reseller Partner, you gain access to Engagedly’s powerful resources, training, and support, enabling you to drive business growth while delivering exceptional value to your customers.

Referral Partners

Engagedly’s Referral Partners are trusted advisors and influencers within their networks who recognize the value of Engagedly and refer their clients, colleagues, and contacts to our platform. Become an advocate for our platform, promoting the benefits of talent management and driving awareness among your network.

Engagedly's Prodcucts

Holistic solutions for business success

Employers are the authors of your business success stories. Enable them through ongoing conversations, constructive reviews, and support.

An all-in-one talent management platform that streamlines HR processes and boosts employee engagement. With features like real-time feedback, goal tracking, and performance analytics, Engagedly.com is the solution to take your organization to the next level.

Our flagship mentorship platform empowers professionals to connect, learn, and grow. Whether you’re a mentor looking to share your expertise or a mentee seeking guidance, Mentoring Complete offers the tools and resources to build meaningful relationships and achieve goals.

An e-learning platform that provides access to a wealth of professional development courses designed to help individuals advance their careers and reach their full potential. From leadership training to personal development courses, Mentoring University offers a convenient and engaging learning experience that can be tailored to your unique needs.

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