Nonprofit & Public Sector Organizations

Driving Positive Change with Talent Management

Nonprofits, Educational Institutions, and Government Organizations around the world use Engagedly Performance Suite to transform how their people serve for the public good.

Drive continuous performance culture in non-profit, education, and government

  • Build a team for the future and enable your people to better serve your communities with Engagedly’s goal tracking, OKR, performance review, and feedback tools
  • Make service engaging – utilize Engagedly’s survey, badges, and community tools to measure engagement and build a culture of teamwork, recognition, and service
  • Keep your employees up-to-date on current legislation and policy with our Online Learning (LMS) tool

Develop a continuous performance culture

Set up, align, and track goals/OKRs in real time with meaningful conversations to drive high levels of achievement. With easy-to-use performance review tools, improve your performance and competency assessments. Build a team for the future with a feedback system and enable your people to serve your communities better.

Make service engaging

Utilizing Engagedly surveys, badges, and community tools to measure engagement and build a culture of teamwork, recognition, and service. Give peer-to-peer recognition and achievement badges to make service fun and engaging. Enhance performance behaviors for better engagement and retention.

Develop and grow your people

With Engagedly LMS learning and knowledge-sharing tools, level up your people and build a culture of continuous learning. The 9 Box and Talent Card tools enable career progression and develop high-value talent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simplify nonprofit & public sector

How can Nonprofit and Public Sector organizations benefit from a Talent Management Platform?

Talent Management platform tailored for Nonprofit and Public Sector organizations streamlines recruitment, employee skills management, and performance evaluation processes. It enables you to nurture talent, enhance collaboration, and drive greater social impact through an engaged and skilled workforce.

How does Engagedly support employee development in Nonprofit and Public Sector organizations?

Engagedly offers personalized learning, continuous development opportunities, and performance feedback. It facilitates mentorship, succession planning, and aligning employee goals with the organization's mission, empowering employees to make a greater impact.

Can a Talent Management Solution help Nonprofit and Public Sector organizations align their workforce with the organization's goals and values?

Yes, a Talent Management Solution for Nonprofit and Public Sector organizations helps align individual employee and volunteer goals with the organization's mission, ensuring everyone is working towards the same social objectives and contributing to your organization's success.

How does a Talent Management Platform like Engagedly promote collaboration and communication?

Talent Management Solution often includes features for continuous feedback and peer recognition, fostering a culture of open communication and teamwork within Nonprofit and Public Sector organizations.

What features does a Talent Management Solution typically offer for Nonprofit and Public Sector organizations?

Talent Management Platform encompasses modules for employee skill and competency management, learning and development, performance evaluation, goal setting, employee feedback, and succession planning.

Proof is in the Numbers

Change, grow, & excel

Engagedly clients experience streamlined processes, boosted productivity, & increased engagement. 
It’s your turn to see just how much Engagedly can do for your organization!
Performance Management Time Saved

Administrators experienced a positive impact on the time to complete performance management tasks.

Impact on Employee Development

HR Professionals agree that Engagedly has a positive impact on Employee Development.

Improved Employee Retention

Businesses stated that Engagedly made a positive impact on their employee retention.

Our Satisfied Customers

Real Success, Real Stories.

Today’s organizations need strategic solutions, and they trust Engagedly to get the work done. Read the success stories of our customers.


Engagedly exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend it to anyone. Everything is present under one platform, whether to give feedback, fill self-check-ins, university learnings, goal setting, praise anyone, etc. interactive dashboard is very impressive.

Jignesh R, HR Administrator

1001+ Employees


Very positive. The support team has been great during the rollout process. A LOT of features that academic research has proven are necessary for employee engagement. Clean layout. I like how you can turn items on or off.

John S, Director of Operations

501-1000 Employees


User friendly and interactive. Overall it makes it easier to document observations of employees. It give continuous appraisal and update of colleagues.

Tonie W, Senior Accountant

51-200 Employees


Level up your game

Resources to level up your game: The latest guides, templates, research reports, case studies, webinars, and podcasts, all in one place.

E3 Academy

Managing and Leading a Remote Work Environment

Discover a world of continuous learning and professional growth with Engagedly E3 Academy, the premier destination for upskilling and empowering your workforce.


Engagedly’s Brand New Indigo Design System

Stay ahead of the curve and unlock the secrets to exceptional talent management with Engagedly’s insightful and engaging blog.


Performance Management for Today’s Workplace

Accelerate your organization’s success with Engagedly’s Masterclass, a transformative learning experience designed to equip leaders with cutting-edge strategies and tools for effective talent management.

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