Engage. Reward. Excel.

Elevate employee performance with Engagedly’s Gamification module, designed to engage, reward, and drive excellence. Define gamification objectives aligned with your business goals, customize settings, and incentivize participation to foster a culture of achievement and success.


Transform Work by Amplifying Engagement

By infusing elements of fun, competition, and rewards into everyday tasks, Engagedly’s Gamification transforms mundane activities into exciting challenges. Boost productivity, foster team collaboration, and ignite motivation as employees earn points, unlock achievements, and rise through the ranks.


Organizations employing gamification strategies witness a 48% increase in employee engagement levels.

- Gartner

Gamification Elements

Empower your workforce with our seamless suite of tools, tailored to meet modern organizational needs.

Point systems

Earn points for completing tasks and activities to track progress and incentivize engagement.


Compete with others and climb the ranks to showcase your achievements and skills.

Custom Rewards

Personalize incentives to motivate specific behaviors and actions within the system.

Tango Gift Card Store

Redeem earned points for a variety of gift cards, enhancing motivation and satisfaction.


Unlock digital badges as recognition for accomplishments, encouraging continued participation.

Real-time Feedback

Receive immediate and actionable feedback on performance to guide improvement and maintain momentum.

Social Recognition & Praise

Share achievements with peers and receive acknowledgment and encouragement, fostering a sense of community and support.

Harnessing Operant Conditioning to Influence Behaviour

Drawing from “Operant Conditioning” or “Skinnerian Theory“, Engagedly’s Gamification is designed to positively influence employees’ behavior through rewarding outcomes.

By incorporating the elements of reward and recognition, Engagedly aims to inspire and motivate employees to exhibit desired behaviors aligned with organizational objectives.


How to Set Up gamification?

1. Set Objectives

Define measurable objectives aligned with your business goals.

2. Customize Settings

Customize gamification Settings like Badges and Points to align with your objectives.

3. Communicate

Communicate the purpose, rules and benefits to the org via Social.

4. Train Employees

Use LXP to provide training on how to participate in gamification activities effectively.

5. Recognize

Promote participation by highlighting achievements, recognizing top performers via Leaderboard.

6. Incentivize

Provide incentives using Custom Rewards and Tango Gift Cards for active engagement.

7. Monitor Progress

Use Engagedly’s Dashboard to monitor employees’ progress in gamification activities.

8. Acknowledge

Provide Praise and constructive Feedback to acknowledge employees’ efforts and achievements.


Tailored Solutions to Meet Various Needs

Gamify Onboarding Experience

Make new hires feel at home from day one. Award points for completing onboarding tasks and for mastering courses and training sessions. 

Let colleagues shower social recognition through likes and comments, fostering a sense of belonging and recognition right from the start.


Foster Employee Recognition

Gamify feedback by rewarding employees for giving constructive feedback to peers, direct reports and managers using Badges and Social Recognition features. 

Promote teamwork by encouraging employees to give shout-outs to colleagues when they show exceptional teamwork, support, or assistance.


Make Milestones Memorable

Commemorate milestones with Engagedly’s special badges and virtual cards. Celebrate employees’ Work Anniversaries and Birthdays and foster a culture of belonging.


Encourage Collaboration & Interaction

Increase engagement with company updates by incentivizing interaction through reactions and comments. Reward knowledge sharing, helping others, and idea contribution.

Award badges for active participation and praise meaningful contributors.


Drive Continuous Learning & Development

Turn training into a game by rewarding employees with points or badges for actively pursuing professional development.

Share real-time feedback for continuous improvement.


Gamify Goal Updates

Award points or unlock rewards as employees make goal progress, motivating them to stay focused and committed to their objectives.


Transform Surveys into Engaging Experiences

Boost survey participation by awarding points for completing surveys.

Highlight top contributors with leaderboard rankings to encourage active participation and feedback.

Trusted by thousands of global HR professionals

From enhancing employee engagement and retention to driving productivity and innovation, Engagedly transcends mere HR software, becoming a catalyst for organizational success.

Talk to us to learn more about our Gamification Strategy.


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