Identify. Assess. Improve.

Use thoughtfully crafted questions to assess both qualitative and quantitative aspects of individuals’ interpersonal skills and leadership qualities. With intuitive reports, leaders gain comprehensive insights into team performance, enabling collaborative creation of tailored IDPs, goals, and mentorship programs.


Comprehensive Development Insights from Diverse Viewpoints

Unlock valuable development insights with Engagedly’s 360 Feedback Module. External reviewers offer diverse perspectives, enhancing evaluations. Features such as Auto-recognition, Customisable Threshold, and Spider Chart facilitate positive development organization-wide.


Companies adopting Multi-rater feedback reported a 30-40% improvement in leadership communication effectiveness, leading to better alignment and execution of strategic goals.


Built for Easy Action and Analysis

Empower your workforce with our seamless suite of tools tailored to meet modern organizational needs.

  • Template Library: Access a repository of pre-designed feedback templates for easy implementation and consistency. The templates can be modified to suit your organization’s unique needs.
  • Auto Recognition of Respondents: Automatically identify and add direct reports as reviewers to streamline the feedback process.
  • Run Multiple Cycles: Implement concurrent multiple feedback cycles, enhancing feedback efficiency.
  • Customizable Threshold to Protect Anonymity: Set anonymity levels to ensure confidentiality and encourage honest feedback.
  • External Reviewers: Involve individuals outside the organization, ensuring diverse perspectives.
  • Mobile Application: Facilitates accessibility and convenience by offering a mobile application for users to provide and access feedback on the go.
  • Summarize using Marissa™ AI: Utilize Marissa™ AI to generate concise and insightful summaries of the entire feedback report or a specific section, feedback area, or representative behaviors.
  • Spider Chart: Obtain a visual representation to showcase feedback across various dimensions, revealing growth opportunities, blind spots, and feedback areas across various dimensions.
  • Actionable Insights: Provides practical and meaningful observations that can be translated into actionable steps for improvement.

Psychometric and Scientific Foundations

Rooted in psychological models, the 360 Feedback module integrates the “Johari Window Model” to illuminate the intricate relationship between self-disclosure and feedback. By combating Imposter Syndrome, it serves as a reflective mirror, spotlighting genuine strengths and revealing Blind Spots in self-perception for targeted behavior adjustments.

Furthermore, strategically countering the “Dunning-Kruger Effect“, the module fosters self-awareness and authentic skill development by harnessing diverse perspectives to provide a balanced evaluation of individual and team capabilities, nurturing a culture of continuous improvement.


A Step-by-Step Guide to 360 Feedback

1. Cycle Configuration

Craft a tailored 360 Feedback Cycle with precision.

2. Participant Incorporation

Strategically designate reviewees and nominate reviewers.

3. Template Curation

Create or select appropriate 360 Feedback templates from the library to assign to reviewees.

4. Collect Reviews

Facilitate a structured review, ensuring insightful submissions from both parties.

5. Reports & Insights

Employees, managers and leaders get comprehensive reports for actionable insights.

6. Strategic Action

Identify training needs of the reviewees, generate Individual Development Plans (IDPs), and assign suitable mentors based on the feedback for targeted growth.


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Tailored Solutions to Unlock Potential of Your People

Leadership Identification & Development

Identify and develop leadership potential through competency assessments and collaborate with managers to create customized development plans.

Competency & Skill Assessments

Conduct comprehensive competency and skill assessments by collecting feedback from diverse sources, providing a holistic view of an individual’s capabilities.

Project Reviews

Obtaining insights from team members and various project stakeholders. Address communication gaps and leadership effectiveness to improve project outcomes.

Identify Blind Spots for Enhanced Self-Awareness

Uncover areas for improvement that may not be apparent in traditional assessments, offering a more nuanced understanding of individuals’ performance and impact on others.

Informed Performance Appraisals

Incorporate insights from various perspectives to enhance the accuracy and depth of performance appraisals, fostering a well-rounded understanding of strengths and improvement areas.

Succession Planning

Identify high-potential individuals and groom them for future leadership roles, ensuring a smooth transition and continuity in organizational leadership.

By leveraging multi-dimensional feedback from both internal and external perspectives, this tool empowers leaders, managers, and employees to gain holistic insights into individuals and teams. The cyclical nature of the process ensures that feedback is not just solicited but utilized to drive meaningful change and elevate the entire team’s performance.

Take the step towards organizational development by investing in Engagedly’s 360 Feedback tool today.


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