Elevate Performance and Connectivity

Engagedly introduces a suite of tools meticulously designed to meet your client facing teams as well as your internal support and shared services team needs; driving performance effectiveness, employee learning and growth, skill and competency tracking, and employee communication and engagement.

Automate your New Hire Ramp Up with Playbooks

  • Rapid ramp-up of remote and hybrid employees with our Onboarding Automation Playbook. With our automation workflow engine, run automated Surveys, 30-60-90 day Review/Feedback, Buddy Assignments, and Personalized Welcome Emails, in a repeatable, consistent, and effective manner.
  • Deploy Learning pathways for seamless induction of incoming talent to prepare your new hires for your high-performance culture and client assignments.

Talent Intelligence Solutions to Identify, Train, and Develop  your Associates

  • Track your team’s potential and skill inventory with Engagedly’s Skills Library
  • Assign and track Skill Assessments to facilitate staffing your projects based on their skills and proficiency levels.
  • Elevate your consultant and associate growth and development with Engagedly’s Learning Experience Platform (LXP) and tailor Individual Development Plans (IDPs) to nurture their career aspirations.
  • Conduct project-specific Training Sessions at regular intervals to avoid skill obsolescence due to tech advancements.
  • Implement Mentoring and Coaching to build experiential learning to close skills gaps, providing personalized guidance and support to your associates.

Optimize Performance Effectiveness

  • Align and track Goals and OKRs to improve organizational effectiveness.
  • Utilize Engagedly’s integrated Performance Management system for continuous talent evaluation and development. Conduct manager 1:1s, track Project Meetings and use Real-time Feedback for spot coaching.
  • Map and assess Job Competencies to inculcate key behaviors and increase associates’ proficiency levels.
  • Capture employee Career Aspirations, to align individual career goals with the firm’s needs and drive higher employee retention.
  • Build personalized Individual Development Plans (IDPs) seamlessly connected to learning resources using our Learning Experience Platform (LXP) to elevate your associates’ growth.

Drive Communication, Change Management, and Collaboration for Remote and Hybrid Teams

  • Facilitate employee communication and drive values in your remote teams with Intranet and Social Connections.
  • Use Automation and Playbooks to streamline talent management processes to drive change and organizational agility.
  • Streamline employee communication by leveraging the EmployeeApp, ensuring seamless information flow and keeping everyone well-informed.

Promote Well-being and Employee Recognition

  • Assess your employee engagement with the e10 Engagement Survey and action planning tools. Pulse-check your people’s sentiment with Team Pulse, and Suggestion Box.
  • Monitor and enhance employee well-being by tracking your Team’s Pulse and regular Check-Ins, facilitating proactive measures to prevent burnout and promote a healthy workplace culture.
  • Award Badges and shout out Praises on the social wall to foster a culture of recognition.
  • Build your own Custom Store with your branded items for your associates to show them love!

In the competitive landscape of professional services, Engagedly is your strategic talent management partner in elevating your organizational excellence and innovation.

Experience the transformative impact of Engagedly on your professional services practices.


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