Schedule. Discuss. Act.

Seamlessly schedule, collaborate, and stay organized by adding agendas to the meetings to ensure focused and productive discussions. Utilize recorded decisions post-meeting to generate to-do lists and assign tasks, fostering accountability. Empower teams to drive actionable outcomes from each interaction.


Streamlined Collaboration and Productivity Optimization

Maximize efficiency and collaboration with customizable agenda templates. Seamlessly integrate discussion points from other modules. Pin and roll over pending discussion points for continuity and share post-meeting feedback, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.


Teams using a meetings module report a 37% increase in collaboration effectiveness, resulting from streamlined communication and better access to meeting resources.

- Harvard Business Review

Built for Collaboration and Conversation

Empower your workforce with our seamless suite of tools tailored to meet modern organizational needs.

  • Calendar Integration: Set your meetings in the module enhanced with deep calendar integrations with Google and Microsoft Calendars.
  • Agenda Templates: Access ready-made meeting templates for seamless implementation, with customizable discussion points.
  • Cross-module Integration: Pull discussion points from other modules like Feedback, Team Pulse, Goals, and Growth.
  • Pinned Discussion Points: Pin frequently discussed topics for easy access in recurring meetings, ensuring updates propagate automatically. Transfer pending discussion points with notes to subsequent meetings.
  • Private and Public Notes: Take private notes under each discussion point or make them visible to all participants.
  • Meetings Feedback: Facilitate feedback exchange during or after meetings to enhance engagement and transparency.
  • Mobile Application: Enhance accessibility and convenience with a mobile application for seamless access and updates on the go.
  • Reports and Analytics: Obtain actionable insights for enhancing strategic decision-making and team productivity.

Psychometric and Scientific Foundations

Drawing from the “Cognitive Load” Theory, the Meetings Module is designed to streamline meeting effectiveness by mitigating extraneous cognitive load through the implementation of clear agendas, concise communication, and structured meeting formats. By alleviating cognitive overload, participants can better concentrate on meeting objectives, fostering improved decision-making and problem-solving.

Furthermore, the module addresses “Group Polarization” tendencies by fostering an environment of diverse perspectives and constructive dialogue, ensuring balanced discussions and inclusive outcomes.


A Step-by-Step Guide to Meetings Module

1. Calendar Integration

Seamlessly synchronize your Microsoft or Google calendar to set up the meetings module.

2. Meeting Creation

Easily create meetings, add attachments and discussion points. Choose from manual entry, pull from other modules, or select an agenda from the template library.

3. Meeting Notes

Capture private or public meeting notes under specific discussion points for comprehensive documentation.

4. Update Discussion Points

Dynamically mark discussion points as complete during meetings and add meeting reflections for for comprehensive progress tracking.

5. Add To-dos

Add new  action items to your to-do list after the meeting to ensure nothing is overlooked.

6. Share Feedback

Share feedback during or after meetings to ensure continuous improvement.

7. Reports and Insights

Track essential metrics, like team members without 1:1s, agenda-less meetings, discussion point completion rates, and participation metrics.

8. Strategic Action

Leverage these insights to inform strategic decisions and drive actionable outcomes.


Tailored Solutions to Unlock Potential of Your People

Effective Remote Collaboration

Enable participants to prepare in advance with pre-set agendas, fostering focused and productive discussions during meetings.

1:1 Meetings

Foster strong manager-direct report relationships with our streamlined 1:1 meeting feature. Schedule, set agendas, and track action items for productive discussions and follow-ups.

Team Meetings and Check-ins

Schedule recurring team meetings to align on goals, discuss progress, address challenges, and ensure everyone in the team is on the same page. Resolve open issues by rolling over open items.

Strategy Review Sessions

Recurring meetings with pinned discussion points allow teams to revisit strategic goals and objectives regularly ensures that strategic priorities remain top of mind.

Project Status Updates

Recurring meetings enable regular project teams to review key results, discuss issues, and adjust plans as needed. Pull project goals into the discussion for comprehensive updates and strategic adjustments.

Cross-Functional Collaboration

Schedule recurring meetings to provide regular touchpoints for aligning efforts, sharing updates, and addressing interdepartmental dependencies.

From customizable agenda templates to seamless integration with other modules, and innovative features like pinned and rollover discussion points, revolutionize your team collaboration and drive productivity through structured, focused discussions.

Streamline your meeting processes and foster a culture of efficiency and accountability with Engagedly.


Resources to level up your game

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