Learning Automation

Automate learning, elevate results

A robust solution that lets you create, automate, and customize your learning workflows based on various parameters to suit the learning needs of your organization. This takes the burden off HR and admins, allowing them to seamlessly deploy, track, and manage learning workflows to enhance their organization’s performance effectively and productivity by keeping their workforce up to date.

Engagedlycustomizable templates

You can simplify your learning workflow by automating

Employee course assignments based on their role, location, tenure, business unit, designation, and more. With just a few clicks, you can create and customize learning workflows based on specific triggers, for instance, when a new user is added or updated, and then let automation take care of the rest.

EngagedlyIntegrated Goal Reviews

Trigger-based automation

Automate learning programs based on specific triggers. The trigger works when a user is added or updated to the platform. This feature streamlines the onboarding process for new hires and automates promotions. For instance, if Trigger = New user, every time a new user is added to the platform, he/she will be assigned a learning course. Did you just heave a sigh of relief?

EngagedlyCustomizable Workflows

Customizable conditions

Set customized conditions for assigning learning courses to employees. The requirements include parameters such as department, location, seniority, designation, and more! You can select the desired condition to go along with the trigger. For example, Trigger = new user, and the situation is Location = New York. Every time a new user is added and is from New York, he/she will be assigned a learning course.

Engagedly9 Box Assessment

Multiple conditions

Set multiple conditions to target specific users and customize your settings based on your requirements. For instance, people promoted to managers from the product team in New York will be assigned relevant learning courses. Let’s say Trigger = updated user (Change in designation), Conditions = Location (New York), Seniority (Manager), Team (Product). Now, people promoted to managers from the product team in New York will receive learning courses explicitly designed for them. Who said upskilling is an uphill task?



After setting the desired conditions, you need to choose an action. You can directly assign the courses on the platform or email them to the users based on the defined parameters.

EngagedlyTime-based Actions

Due dates

You can set a due date in days, weeks, or months for the assigned courses. Due dates can be changed based on the complexity of your learning programs.

Engagedlypredefined frequencies


You can fix schedules to assign courses based on predefined frequencies or specific dates. For example, lessons can be set on the 1st of every month, quarterly, or annually. Or the schedule can be 3 days after a new user is added every time.

Learning Automation Tools

Accelerate organizational success

Empower your talent to soar with our innovative learning automation solution. From HR leaders shaping strategic vision to employees honing their skills, our platform offers personalized learning paths.

Learning Automation for HR Leaders

Leads a transformative HR revolution through cutting-edge learning automation.

  • Streamline training, pinpoint skill gaps, and ignite rapid organizational growth.
  • Empower HR leaders to focus on strategic vision.
  • Elevate efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and a workforce primed to excel
Learning Automation for HR Managers

​​Empower HR Excellence: Seamless Learning Automation

  • Effortlessly craft and manage personalized training programs for individual employee development.
  • Real-time insights fuel data-driven decisions
  • Streamlined processes for profound impact
Learning Automation for Employees

Personalized Development Plans with Learning Automation

  • Flexible learning paths for individual development
  • Acquire new skills on the go
  • User-friendly automated learning platform
Roadmap to Learning Automation:

Transform the way your organization learns

Are you ready to take your organization’s learning to the next level? Learning Automation is here to help you revolutionize your employee learning and development by helping you build, and create a culture of continuous learning that will shape your workforce for the #FutureOfWork.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learning Automation Simplified

How does learning automation work?

Learning automation leverages advanced technologies to streamline the training and development process. Through automated systems, it delivers personalized learning content, tracks progress, and provides data-driven insights. It empowers employees to learn quickly, maximizing efficiency and knowledge retention.

Can learning automation cater to different skill levels?

Learning automation is designed to accommodate learners with varying skill levels. It offers various courses and materials, from foundational to advanced topics, ensuring that all employees can find suitable content to enhance their skills and expertise.

How does learning automation benefit organizations?

Learning automation offers numerous benefits, such as streamlined training processes, reduced administrative costs, and increased employee engagement. Organizations can stay agile in a rapidly evolving marketplace by empowering continuous learning, cultivating a skilled workforce, and driving overall growth and success.

How does learning automation help the top line and bottom line of the organization?

Learning automation plays a crucial role in boosting both the top line and bottom line of an organization. Employees become more skilled and knowledgeable by fostering continuous learning, resulting in improved productivity and innovation. Enhanced performance increases customer satisfaction and loyalty, positively impacting the topline.

What measurable benefits can organizations expect from learning automation?

Learning automation improves employee performance, increases productivity, and a shorter time-to-competency. This positively impacts customer satisfaction, retention, and overall revenue.

Proof is in the Numbers

Change, grow, & excel

Engagedly clients experience streamlined processes, boosted productivity, & increased engagement. 
It’s your turn to see just how much Engagedly can do for your organization!
Performance Management Time Saved

Administrators experienced a positive impact on the time to complete performance management tasks.

Impact on Employee Development

HR Professionals agree that Engagedly has a positive impact on Employee Development.

Improved Employee Retention

Businesses stated that Engagedly made a positive impact on their employee retention.

Our Satisfied Customers

Real Success, Real Stories.

Today’s organizations need strategic solutions, and they trust Engagedly to get the work done. Read the success stories of our customers.

Very positive. The support team has been great during the rollout process. A LOT of features that academic research has proven are necessary for employee engagement. Clean layout. I like how you can turn items on or off.


John S, Director of Operations

501-1000 Employees

I believe Engagedly is solving the issue of not knowing or remembering all of the training and new platforms learned throughout the year. It is a good tool for helping yourself list all accomplishments for your annual review.


Latasha M, Credit Analyst

51-1000 emp

The software is very user friendly and has a strong look-and-feel. My favorite feature is the Feedback tool – this is well designed and allows a great amount of flexibility for the user when giving or receiving feedback.


Nicole M, Talent Development Partner

501-1000 Employees

It’s a very good tool for a smaller company that, just like the big companies, needs to address these issues. It has excellent features. I love that I can use this for onboarding, light LMS, and performance management/goals and development.


Tess F, Director, Employee Development

51-200 employees

EASY TO USE! Great way to share information and communicate with all staff members in the office. The layout makes it VERY user friendly.


Sara G, Customer Support Rep

201-500 Employees

I love it . Definitely gonna spend my money here continuously. The product is so superb. I love that they have what I need. It’s very affordable and it really helps me a lot in doing the things I want for myself. Well done to this company!


Andrelyn C, Human Resources Director

51-200 employees


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