72% of employees say that gamification motivates them to work harder

REVIEW 42 STUDY | 2021

Add enjoyment to your workplace

Because many managers no longer have a direct line of sight to employees in the office environment, gamification offers a fun way to track, communicate, and reward teammates, no matter where they work.

Users can view what badges they can earn within the system – both
custom and system badges. Custom badges are a great way to enact your
organizational values which can help drive your organizational culture.

Certain activities are gamified in the Engagedly application,
and site admins can control the number of points for each
activity from the Gamification Rules page.

Just as feedback is important, praise is important too. Being
recognized for good work feels great.

Redeem the points received on Engagedly for rewards from
our catalog of hundreds of gift cards, or create your own
custom reward to give to employees.

Employee engagement is this amorphous thing that everyone talks about but can’t figure out how to measure. Now we’ve brought science to the pyschology.

Mark nemeth

head of performance optimization

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Johnny Goodguy | Director

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