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Delight the Employee Experience with Gamification

In today’s dynamic work environment, managers often find it challenging to keep track of their employees’ progress and engagement levels. With the rise of remote work and distributed teams, traditional methods of monitoring employee performance have become obsolete.

Engagedlycustomizable templates

With Every Achievement Earn Custom Badges

Engagedly’s platform offers custom and system badges. Custom badges let organizations promote their values and culture by rewarding behaviors aligning with their mission and vision. This incentivizes employees to embody these values, creating a positive work environment and reinforcing the company’s brand identity and reputation.

  • Users can earn custom and system badges
  • Organizations have a unique opportunity to reinforce their values and promote their culture
  • Badges can align with specific behaviors or achievements that reflect the organization’s mission and vision
  • Employees are incentivized to embody company values in their work
  • Creates a positive and productive work environment
  • Reinforces your company’s brand identity and reputation
EngagedlyBoost Engagement

Incorporate Intuitive Scoring Into Performance Management

In the Engagedly application, certain activities can be gamified to make them more engaging and enjoyable for employees. This could include completing certain tasks, hitting specific targets, or participating in training programs. By gamifying these activities, employees can earn tracked and displayed points on the platform.

  • Gamify certain activities to make them more engaging and enjoyable for employees
  • Earn points for completing tasks, hitting targets, or participating in training programs
  • Site admins can control the number of points awarded for each activity from the Gamification Rules page
  • Admins can tailor the gamification experience to meet the specific needs and goals
  • Move towards improved engagement, productivity, and job satisfaction among the workforce
EngagedlyFoster a Culture of Appreciation

Create an Environment of Praise and Recognition

While providing feedback is an essential part of managing employee performance, it is equally important to acknowledge and recognize when employees excel in their roles. Praising employees for their hard work and contributions can be a powerful motivator that helps them feel valued and appreciated within the company.

  • A powerful motivator for employees to feel valued and appreciated
  • Increase job satisfaction levels
  • Enable employees to be more invested in achieving goals with recognition
  • Build stronger relationships and foster camaraderie and teamwork

Make Employees Feel Valued with Gift Card Catalog

Engagedly offers a flexible and user-friendly points system that allows employees to accumulate points for completing various tasks or reaching certain milestones. These points can be redeemed for rewards from our extensive catalog of gift cards featuring hundreds of popular retailers and brands.

  • Redeem the points you receive on Engagedly for rewards
  • Explore Engagedly’s catalog of hundreds of gift cards for employees to choose from
  • Create custom rewards to give to your employees
  • Tailor your recognition program to your specific needs and culture
  • Create a positive and engaging work environment
Add an element of fun to your workplace

How can Gamification help your business?

Gamification is a powerful tool for improving employee engagement, motivation, and performance. By incorporating game-like elements into the workplace, companies can create a more enjoyable and rewarding work environment that encourages employees to do their best work.

Elevate HR Leadership

Harness the power of HR gamification to create a vibrant and agile workplace. Empower HR leaders to drive innovation and achieve organizational success.

  • Increase Engagement: Gamification fosters an engaging work environment, enhancing employee motivation and satisfaction.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Gamified HR platforms provide valuable insights for data-driven decisions.
  • Align Goals: Implement gamified goal-setting to align individual and organizational objectives seamlessly.
  • Drive Performance: Gamification helps drive performance improvements and achieve strategic goals.
Simplify HR Management

​Streamline processes and nurture employee growth by integrating gamification into HR practices. Personalize learning experiences and foster a culture of continuous development.

  • Streamlined HR Tasks: Gamified HR systems simplify onboarding, reviews, and training.
  • Personalized Learning: Use gamified learning modules for tailored employee development.
  • Performance Insights: Gamification provides real-time performance data for feedback and recognition.
  • Cultivate Performance Culture: Foster a culture of performance and continuous improvement.
Experience Motivation and Growth

Foster motivation, skill enhancement, and a sense of accomplishment by embracing gamification in HR processes.

  • Motivation and Productivity: Gamification drives employee motivation and boosts productivity.
  • Skill Enhancement: Engage in interactive learning to acquire new skills.
  • Achieve Goals: Complete gamified challenges to achieve targets.
  • Celebrate Achievements: Earn rewards and celebrate achievements.
Roadmap to Gamification:

Unleash Your Team's Full Potential with Employee Gamification

Choose Gamification to unlock the full potential of your teams, promote collaboration, and create an enjoyable work environment. Incorporating it into training, development, sales, and customer service can enhance employee skills and boost customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simplify gamification

What is gamification?

Gamification is the process of applying game elements and mechanics, such as points, badges, and leaderboards, to non-game contexts such as education or business, to increase employee engagement, motivation, and participation.

Why choose gamification?

Gamification can be a powerful tool for increasing engagement, motivation, and participation in various contexts. By incorporating game-like elements, such as points, badges, or leaderboards, it can make tasks more enjoyable and rewarding, leading to higher levels of productivity and satisfaction.
Additionally, gamification can help individuals learn new skills and knowledge in a fun and interactive way.

Here are some Gamification examples:

Here are some examples of gamification in different contexts:

Education: Using educational games and quizzes to teach concepts and skills.
Fitness: Tracking workouts and setting goals with apps that offer rewards for meeting targets.
Marketing: Offering incentives, such as discounts or free products, for completing certain actions or engaging with a brand on social media.
Workplace: Creating employee recognition programs with badges, points, and leaderboards to increase motivation and productivity.
Health: Using apps or devices to track daily habits, such as drinking water or taking medication, and rewarding users for consistent adherence.
Customer service: Implementing a feedback system with rewards for providing helpful reviews and ratings.

These are just a few examples, as gamification can be applied in many different contexts to improve engagement and motivation.

What is Gamification in Business?

Gamification in business is the process of using game-like elements in various business contexts, such as marketing, sales, customer service, or employee training and development, to improve engagement, motivation, and productivity.
By incorporating elements such as points, badges, leaderboards, and rewards, businesses can create more enjoyable and engaging experiences for their employees, customers, and stakeholders.
Gamification can be used to enhance customer loyalty programs, increase employee productivity and motivation, and improve training and development programs.

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Businesses can rely on Engagedly to make a positive impact on employee retention.

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EASY TO USE! Great way to share information and communicate with all staff members in the office. The layout makes it VERY user friendly.

Sara G, Customer Support Rep

201-500 Employees


Engagedly’s user-friendly software made the onboarding process at Altisource very seamless. Whenever there were challenges, Engagedly was quick to respond and solve the issue at hand.

Jordan E, Head of People Solutions Team

1001+ Employees

The tool is highly customizable; we wanted the tool to follow our process, not the other way. Engagedly lets you do that. Super easy to use, and Engagedly is constantly rolling out new features and improving its UX. And let’s be clear – for the price, you get the best…

David F, HR Administrator

51-1000 Employees


Excellent System Overall. Engagedly was very helpful for our annual review process which had previously been really clunky and took up too much of my time to oversee manually.

Amanda J, People Operations Manager

51-200 employees


Using Engagedly has allowed us to communicate more efficiently and effectively as an office. I love how user friendly this software is to navigate.

Rebecca B, Customer Support Rep

51-200 Employees


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