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Rewards and recognition software

Embrace a culture that recognizes great work, promotes appreciation, and enhances engagement. Employee rewards and recognition programs that amplify key employee behaviors and values across different work setups

Reward programs that reflect organization's core values

Nurture a thriving workplace where motivated employees drive your organization’s success. Acknowledge and appreciate their efforts through a rewards program that reflects your core values.

  • Align rewards with your organization’s unique identity and values.
  • Tailor rewards to cater to diverse employee preferences, from meaningful experiences to exclusive gifts.
  • Create captivating rewards with ease, ensuring every gesture resonates with your employees.
  • Track reward redemption efficiently with comprehensive statistics and insights.

Empower Your Workforce with Personalized Incentives

Embrace the Custom Rewards program, where individual preferences take center stage. Craft rewards tailored to each team member and foster a deeper emotional connection.

  • Exemplify your values and cater to diverse tastes with personalized rewards.
  • Craft rewards with captivating titles, visuals, and descriptions.
  • Define redemption points, locations, and availability according to your team’s preferences.
  • Seamlessly track reward status and make informed decisions with user-friendly tools.
  • Allow employees to choose rewards that hold genuine significance to them.

Inspire success through thoughtful and meaningful rewards

Cultivate a culture where employees are valued, inspired, and driven to achieve greatness. Embrace a recognition program that celebrates every milestone.

  • Cultivate Positivity: Create a thriving culture by celebrating achievements with genuine enthusiasm.
  • Reward Excellence: Ensure every milestone and effort is met with heartfelt and meaningful recognition.
  • Encourage Growth: Inspire your team to reach new heights with a reward system that nurtures their ambitions.
  • Sustain Engagement through a rewarding experience
Roadmap to Recognition and Rewards

Empower Your Employees with these 10 Proven Recognition Strategies

Your organization’s success starts with effective employee appreciation. This guide will provide you with the strategies you need to develop a happy and motivated workforce. It’s time to transform your workplace culture and empower your team to thrive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Recognition & Rewards Simplified

What are employee rewards and recognition software?

Employee rewards and recognition software is a specialized tool that organizations can use to manage and optimize their employee recognition and rewards programs. This software allows companies to create custom reward and recognition programs for employees that align with their business objectives and values, while also providing valuable analytics and metrics to measure program effectiveness.

How can AI help make employee recognition better?

AI can also be used to personalize recognition efforts for individual employees by analyzing their work habits, preferences, and job responsibilities, and providing tailored rewards or recognition that are most meaningful to them. Another way AI can improve employee recognition is by automating and streamlining the process of recognizing and rewarding employees.

How can companies measure the effectiveness of their employee recognition programs?

To measure the effectiveness of employee recognition programs, companies can use a combination of methods such as employee feedback surveys, performance metrics, turnover rates, qualitative feedback, awards and recognition criteria, and employee participation. These methods provide insights into areas where recognition programs have a positive impact, and areas that could be improved.

How can companies ensure that their employee recognition programs are inclusive and diverse?

To ensure employee recognition programs are inclusive and diverse, companies can put in place specific recognition and reward criteria, establish diverse committees or teams, use anonymous nomination processes, ensure transparency and accessibility for all employees, and provide training for managers

How does AI help with employee rewards and recognition in the current business setup?

AI-enabled employee rewards and recognition programs are an innovative and beneficial tool for modern business setups. By leveraging data analytics and automation, AI can provide personalized recognition, continuous feedback, unbiased recognition criteria, and valuable insights on employee performance, engagement, and job satisfaction.

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The software is very user friendly and has a strong look-and-feel. My favorite feature is the Feedback tool – this is well designed and allows a great amount of flexibility for the user when giving or receiving feedback.

Nicole M, Talent Development Partner

501-1000 Employees


I believe Engagedly is solving the issue of not knowing or remembering all of the training and new platforms learned throughout the year. It is a good tool for helping yourself list all accomplishments for your annual review.

Latasha M, Credit Analyst

51-1000 emp


Engagedly has tons of features: performance reviews, goals, feedback, gamification, surveys, etc. I’ve asked them to add custom features and their development turn around time is amazing. This company really listens and responds quickly to customer requests.

Jessica D, HR Director

201-500 Employees


Excellent System Overall. Engagedly was very helpful for our annual review process which had previously been really clunky and took up too much of my time to oversee manually.

Amanda J, People Operations Manager

51-200 employees


Performance Management Made Easy. Integrated the entire performance management process into one amazing system. No more back and forth emails, different documents for different metrics etc.

Daniel M, Logistics Assistant

501-100 employees


We now have a way to track professional development and achievement. Easy to use, we love the message boards and group function, the goal setting and monitoring feature for professional development, and the reminders to check-in on progress are great.

Elle B, Marketing Associate

51-200 Employees


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