Tailored Insights for global leaders: Transformative AI in HRM.

Through our research, we explored the current state of AI adoption in HRM, addressing the challenges faced by organizations and uncovering the potential opportunities that lie ahead.

Our findings highlight the profound influence of AI on crucial HRM areas such as Performance Management, Employee Engagement and Satisfaction, personalized learning, and much more.

What’s inside the report:
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The Strategic Value of AI in HRM

Revolutionizing HRM with AI: Transforming Business Dynamics and Paving the Way for Future Workplaces

How Does AI Affect Your Business

Transformative Effects of AI on Key HR Functions and Tasks: Amplifying Efficiency and Fostering Employee Reliance on AI Tools

Overcoming Challenges for ROI

Addressing Challenges & Capitalizing on Opportunities to maximize ROI in AI-Driven HRM


State of Artificial Intelligence AI in Human Resource Management

A 2023 Report from Engagedly

We conducted comprehensive research involving 108 industry leaders representing 22 diverse industries to gain deep insights into the impact of Artificial Intelligence on Human Resource Management.

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