Recruiting and retaining talent has become difficult. What can you do about it?
The great resignation continues to disrupt businesses, and millions of employees are still quitting their jobs. HR leaders throughout the world are in a frenzy to find solutions to the rampantly increasing talent crunch.

While the average organization acts on quick fixes, only a handful look deeper to find the root causes of upset and disgruntled employees.

Understanding the different forces at play, the concerns of employees who are leaving, and the expectations that they have, is the key factor that HR leaders need to ruminate over.

Without considering employees’ needs in the hiring and retaining policies and processes, organizations will keep having a hard time hiring and retaining top talent.

HR leaders can leverage their people strategies to innovate and excel in these difficult times. Taking a human-centric approach to marrying the needs of employees with the hiring and retaining policies can do all the magic.

This paper focuses on pragmatic strategies that global leaders can use to hire and retain talent in the wake of the great resignation.

What’s inside the guide:
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We talk about the major impediments to hiring and retaining talent in the current business scenario
We unpack some distinguished strategies to hire the best talent in a tight labor market
Using an empirical approach, we discuss strategies to retain top talent
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We take a research-backed look at every strategy to help organizations overcome their talent challenges

How To Recruit And Retain Employees During The Great Resignation

This book was created for HR leaders looking for practical strategies to deal with the challenges of hiring and retaining talent during the great resignation era.

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