We surveyed 500+ leaders from 20 major industries to find the practices that work well for changing work setups. We identified five progressive management principles that managers use to meet their employees’ needs and how they impact key business processes.

If you wish to build a productive and successful team, it requires an understanding of employees’ needs.

Employees are the most important yet vulnerable asset of an organization. They are affected by the changes in the global business environment and how organizations cater to their needs during such times.

Companies that understand the importance of talent needs and invest in their employees outpace organizations that don’t.

What’s inside the report:
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Evolving Employee Needs

Today’s workplace is rapidly changing, driven by technology and remote work. Adapting to these shifts in employee needs is crucial for organizational success.

What's Essential Today

Meeting employee needs is vital for business growth. Organizations that prioritize this see higher engagement, retention, and overall performance.

Progressive Management Practices

Managers embracing progressive practices like regular recognition, collaborative goal setting, and continuous development are better positioned to meet evolving employee needs and drive success.


2022 Report: The State of Hybrid Workplace Practices

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