The global workplace is changing. Are you ready for it?

The Great Resignation, fueled by the pandemic, is shaping the global workplace.

The mass exodus of employees is putting extreme pressure on employers to rethink their policies to contain the widening gap between the number of job vacancies and applicants to fill the positions.

The extreme scarcity of human resources and changing employee demands have shifted the power of command from employers to employees.

They are pushing employers to make adjustments to their current business setups to accommodate the changing needs of the workforce.

The grueling question now is how will business leaders respond to these sudden changes caused by the great resignation and what impact will it have on the global workplace?

This paper takes an empirical approach to the various forces changing the global workplace

What’s inside the guide:
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We take a look at the current situation of the global workplace
We discuss the different factors that are shaping the global business environment
We talk about the polarizing issues in the workplace that affect employees
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Backed up with details and research, we deep-dive into the changing workplace models and take a futuristic look at the global workplace

How Does the Great Resignation Impact the Global Workplace?

This book sheds light on multiple factors that are reshaping businesses and discusses a futuristic view of the global workplace.

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