Teams that score higher in engagement are much more productive, creative, and innovative than their counterparts. Building great teams can be a bit tricky as the current work environments do not allow to gauge the non-verbal cues to understand the team members. It is therefore important to focus on team building activities that bring people closer and help them understand each other. While there are a bunch of activities that help in boosting motivation, productivity, and learning, it is crucial to involve the team in fun and creative activities too.

This article will discuss four creative team building activities that will help your team members come out of the silos and unite to bring more fun to the table.

Creative Team Building Activities

Here are four unique and creative team building activities for your employees that are fun guaranteed.

creative team building activities

Team Building Activity 1- Two Truths And A Lie

This is one of the most engaging team-building activities for employees.

Recommended number of People: 10 to 15

Material required: None

Goal: To guess the true statement from other players’ set of statements and to make other players believe your false statements to be true.

How to play:

Step 1: Every player writes down three statements about himself (2 truths and one lie)

Step 2: Each player is asked to read those statements aloud to the group.

Step 3: Take a vote on which statement is a lie.

Step 4: The players who guess the false statement correctly get one point each. If no one is able to guess it correctly, then the player who wrote the statements wins the points.

Step 5: Continue steps (1 – 4) and the player with most points wins the game.

Team Building Activity 2- Back-to-back Drawing

creative team activities

Recommended number of players: Multiple teams of 2 people

Material required: Paper, pen and picture cards

Goal: To instruct your teammate verbally and help them draw the shape.

How to play:

Step 1: Divide your group into pairs, and have each pair sit on the floor back to back.

Step 2: Give one player from the pair a picture and the other, a pen and paper.

Step 3: The player who receives the picture, verbally explains the picture to his teammate and the teammate tries to draw the picture on the paper.

Step 4: On finishing, each pair compares their original shape to the drawing, and consider how they worked together, and where they could improve their communication.

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Team Building Activity 3- Acted Charades (Dumb Charades)

Another common, yet engaging team building activity for your employees

Note – The Engagedly team tried this out. It was a roaring success. 😉

Recommended number of players: 10-15 (two teams)

Material required: None

Goal: Convey the movie name given by the opposite team to your teammates by enacting and guessing the movie name correct when your teammate enacts.

How to play:

Step 1: A player from one team is chosen by the other team and given a movie name.

Step 2: The player enacts the movie name and tries to convey it to his teammates without talking or pointing out to any objects.

Step 3: If the team succeeds to find the movie name they win a point, if not the opposite team wins a point.

Step 4: Continue steps ( 1-3) The team with most points wins the game.

Team Building Activity 4- Winner/ Loser

Recommended number of players: Multiple teams of 2 players each

Material required: None

Goal: To change the negative perspective of your teammate to positive perspective

How to play:

Step 1: Both teammates write their bad experiences and share it with each other.

Step 2: Both partners, then tell the same story of their teammates, but relate the good things that came from the experience.

Just give these team-building activities a try. The goal is not to win, but rather to have fun and build team spirit!


Team building is critically important for organizations that are working in hybrid and remote working environments. As most employees are fixated to their systems throughout the day, it is important for them to be involved in activities that help them bring out their creative sides. The creative team building activities discussed in this article will surely help your team members have a great time. Share the activities that you enjoy the most with your teams in the comments sections below.

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