As a manager, it is your responsibility to lead your team effectively. The way you conduct yourself before them, affects their productivity significantly. There are many challenging issues that you have to deal with as a manger. One of such issues is not being able to keep your team engaged at work.

As a manager, you want your teammates to collaborate with each other and collectively work towards the organization’s productivity. But how can they contribute to the organization’s goals when they aren’t engaged enough to fulfill their own goals at workplace?

Here are few amazingly positive ways to keep your team engaged at workplace!

Set SMART Goals

Goals are very important to complete any task. They give you a sense of direction on what needs to be done to accomplish your tasks effectively. They motivate you to put your best efforts into work.

Set challenging goals for your team members but make sure that they are realistic and attainable. This helps your team stay motivated and engaged at work.

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Employee Recognition

As a manager, it is important for you to keep track of your team members’ performance and help them improve it from time to time. More important than tracking, is recognizing good work.

When your team members go above and beyond to achieve their goals, recognize their efforts and reward them.

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Trust Your Employees

One of the most common issues at workplace among teams and managers is lack of trust. Employees do not trust their managers until their managers signal their trust to them. One way to do this is trying to communicate honestly with your team members and gradually giving up control over them.

You should be tolerant to any mistakes made by your team members and view it as an opportunity for them to learn. This will gradually lead to building mutual trust. You cannot build trust overnight; it requires lot of patience and time to develop.

Monitor Their Productivity

Once you set goals for your team members, it is important to keep track of their progress on it and the effect of the progress on the overall productivity of the organization.

This helps you understand, if the goals you set are enough motivating and engaging. Frequent tracking of progress and productivity allows you to make changes to these goals if they aren’t productive.

Organize Team-Building Activities

Team-building activities help you break the barrier and enable meaningful communication among the team members. It is said to motivate employees and promote creativity.

Schedule team-building activities so that your team members learn to collaborate with each other which can help them collectively work towards organizational productivity.

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Keep Open Channel Of Communication

Keeping lines of communication open for your team members has a lot of benefits besides keeping them engaged at work. It builds trust among managers and their team. You can ask for frequent feedback from your team and make sure that it’s confidential.

In a long run this practice helps your team have meaningful and open-ended discussions with each other and helps create a positive work culture.

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