4 Ways To Get Away From Work On Weekends

by Chandler Barr Jun 19,2022

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with Srikant Chellappa, CEO

Most working professionals are always connected to their work through their smart phones, laptops, i-pads, etc. But it is also important to disconnect yourself from work during the weekends. Everything in life needs a break, and so do you from your daily work.

Taking a break from work has a lot of benefits. It gives you time to reinvigorate yourself so that you can be your best self in your personal and professional life. Moreover, you can give your time off from work to your friends and family and create some memorable moments.

Most people think of taking time off from work as the way to avoid it, but that’s not true. Your body and mind need rest and time to recoup themselves. So next time whenever you get a feeling of being stuck in a rut or need to refresh yourself, plan out some activities for the upcoming weekend.

This article will unpack some signs you need to notice to understand if you need a break and some amazing ways in which you can regenerate yourself by getting away from work.

Signs That You Need Break From Work

Stress is a part of every job, but if it starts disrupting your normal life, then it becomes important to handle it. With the increasing pressure on employees to perform well in their job responsibilities, employee burnout is increasing. While signs of stress and burnout vary from individual to individual, there are some general warnings to keep in check. By noticing these signs, you can easily check if you are being overwhelmed or stressed at work.

  • Loss of sleep
  • Sudden behaviour change
  • Inability to make decisions
  • Change in eating habits
  • Sudden mood swings
  • Falling sick frequently
  • Lack of energy and motivation
  • Feeling drained and exhausted all the time

If you see any of these above-listed signs existing for a long time, then you need to take a break from the mundane lifestyle and involve some fun and calming activities in life.

Ways To Get Away From Work

Taking a break helps in getting energized, improving work and personal relationships, achieving goals, and keeps you happy and engaged. There is no doubt that self-care is the most important thing in life. Let us now discuss some ways in which you can manage to get away from work on weekends and rejuvenate yourself.

End Your Friday Well

If you are planning on completely disconnecting from work on the weekend then it is important to end the last day of your week properly. Complete all your work and do not keep anything pending for the next working day. Complete it and release your mind from the mental stress.

Learn A New Hobby

Relaxing your mind is important for recharging yourself. Give your brain something new to do. Enroll yourself into some hobby classes like pottery, music, swimming, yoga, etc This makes you feel free-spirit and happy.

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Unplug Yourself

Put that phone down! We all know that smart phones help us stay connected to people but they can also disconnect you from the real world sometimes. So sign out of your work related accounts and keep away your phone, laptop and i-pads. Just spend some time in the real world!

Research has shown that spending time in nature can increase the creative potential of human mind. Furthermore, it also helps in rebooting the brain and reducing stress hormones to normal levels.

Plan Something Take 

Plan your weekend beforehand so that no work can interrupt your plans on the weekend. Plan a family get together or a party or go out sightseeing with your friends or family. This way you will complete all your work before the weekend because you know that and know that you have to stay unplugged.

Yoga Or Meditation Sessions

There are enormous benefits to yoga and meditation. It helps in soothing the mind and releasing the stress stored in different parts of the body. Daily meditation practice can help you declutter your mind and stay focused on important tasks. Additionally, it will help you find mental peace and stillness, which are important for a happy life.

Taking time out for yourself is the best thing you can do to recharge your mind and body. Not everyone gets the opportunity to plan out long vacations, so why not use the weekends to do something amazing!!

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Chandler Barr
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Chandler Barr is the VP of Sales at Engagedly and is focused on driving a culture of progress over perfection in a no-fault environment where employees are secure and encouraged to think creatively to solve problems. Chandler is a seasoned leader that has scaled sales teams for SaaS startups and multibillion-dollar publicly traded tech companies, as well as, led Marines to accomplish the mission during hardships overseas.

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