5 Essential Managerial Tips to Create Employee Engagement

by Kylee Stone Jul 16,2020

The People Strategy Leaders Podcast

with Srikant Chellappa, CEO

We all know that employee disengagement can be the death of great customer experience and superior business results. But in the COVID ridden world, keeping employees engaged has become the most stressful task.

In the insurance sector or otherwise, many organizations neglect this area because they focus on numbers and how to improve, increase company profit, and what helps benefit the company. All managers face a humungous task in today’s world, i.e. keeping your employees engaged. So here are some tips you can use to increase engagement among your employees.

1. Create a sharing space:

Encourage knowledge sharing by creating a sharing space, where the members of all the teams in your organization can share knowledge, new ideas and information about their project. To make this fun you can change the theme every month and ask them to share ideas according to the theme.

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2. Have a newsletter:

Start and circulate an employee-focused magazine or newsletter with news, featured opportunities, stories and other fun columns. It could include different learning courses up and running, quiz, wishes to employees on occasions, etc. To make it more engaging, feature the employee of the month in each edition.

3. Appreciate and recognize:

It is a part of managers’ responsibilities to create an engaging environment in the organization where employees are encouraged to get engaged by tons of exciting benefits and offers. As far as rewards go, you may want to consider giving extra time-off to employees that have done well on a project, or flexible timings for few days.

4. Know your employee’s strengths:

Employees want to be given the opportunity to shine, which means they have to have the ability to do what they do best as often as possible. The biggest mistake that a manager can make is assigning tasks to those who work under them that simply don’t match their skills. Talk to your employees and find out which task they are comfortable with and assign their work accordingly.

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5. Think out of the box:

Small things can often have lasting impact.Try something unusual to engage your employees. For example, ask them to have colored coffee mugs at work or something more creative. Even if you slip up from time to time, your staff will appreciate the fact that you’re putting in the effort to get to know them on a more personal level.

Do not overlook this crucial area. Employee engagement is what drives an organization forward. Though some of these activities might take some time and effort, they will definitely be appreciated by your employees.

What ideas do you have to increase employee engagement? Share your ideas with us!

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Kylee Stone

Kylee Stone supports the professional services team as a CX intern and psychology SME. She leverages her innate creativity with extensive background in psychology to support client experience and organizational functions. Kylee is completing her master’s degree in Industrial-Organizational psychology at the University of Missouri Science and Technology emphasizing in Applied workplace psychology and Statistical Methods.

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