Co.-Design of Work Experience

Karen Jaw, Principal, Co.-Design of Work Experience, is a seasoned leader adept at steering decision-makers through organizational challenges for improved business performance. Karen’s versatility spans industries, driving global initiatives with impactful results. Featured in esteemed publications and contributing to influential works, Karen uniquely positions herself to orchestrate organizational excellence.

Firestorm Group Ltd

Steve Fitzgerald, CEO of FireStorm Group, leads various ventures spanning human capital consulting, art, and real estate. With a career marked by pivotal HR leadership roles at prominent firms, Steve excels in talent management, executive succession, creativity, culture & change, and human capital strategy. His expertise extends to coaching C-Suite executives and navigating intricate people challenges.

Lever Talent Inc

Drew Fortin, an esteemed Talent Strategist, specializes in unlocking leverage within leadership teams and strategies. With a passion for helping leaders and teams excel, Drew specializes in guiding leadership teams to identify true differentiators and implement talent processes for scalable leverage. Drew’s expertise empowers every company’s growth journey from mission transformation to HR Tech Stack Advisory.

Metta Performance

Holly Benner excels as an expert in strategy-driven L&D consulting and coaching, renowned for their ability to unlock people’s potential, especially in dynamic and challenging environments. With over 15 years of experience, they are dedicated to helping global organizations optimize employee development, engagement, and retention by strategically integrating people analytics, assessment, and psychology.

Reframe Work Inc

Stela Lupushor, a renowned thought leader, speaker, educator, and futurist, is dedicated to humanizing workplaces. With expertise in design-thinking, technology, analytics, and future thinking, she advises startups, established enterprises, and venture funds on creating inclusive work environments. As an NYU educator, Stela empowers the next generation of HR leaders, bridging theory and practice and reshaping the future of work.