6 Tips To Create A Disability Friendly Workplace [Infographic]

by Jacqueline Martinez Jul 31,2021

The People Strategy Leaders Podcast

with Srikant Chellappa, CEO

Since the March 2020, the world has been struggling with the deadly COVID virus, which created a pandemic. It forced organizations to change their style of work and go predominantly remote. The pandemic has yet to pass, but in many countries, employees are resuming work from their physical locations, with all precautions.

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While organizations have become vigilant about the safety measures for their employees’ return to offices, many are yet to be inclusive of those with special needs. It is usually not intentional, rather an unconscious bias that most of us experience. If you are not a disability-friendly workplace, then it is the right time to be one.

As an employer, it is your primary responsibility to ensure that employees feel comfortable in the workplace. And that includes all employees, be they abled or disabled. Many people with disabilities face problems landing in their dream jobs because of a lack of basic facilities at most workplaces. Not only are disability-friendly workplaces are more inclusive, but they also create diversity in an organization.

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A company’s culture should be inclusive of everyone, even for people with disabilities. However, when you do not know how to achieve that, it can be an intimidating prospect. This infographic shows you to build an all-inclusive culture and make your workplace disability-friendly as well.

tips to create a disability friendly workplace

Building a disability-friendly workplace is not a one day activity and takes time and effort. But it is surely worth it. It will help in creating a workplace where everyone feels welcomed and valued.

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