Employee Engagement For Boosting Productivity

by Kylee Stone Feb 16,2020

The People Strategy Leaders Podcast

with Srikant Chellappa, CEO

Why is everyone so obsessed with employee engagement these days? We even come across HR managers who change their job titles to represent something about employee experience and employee engagement.

What is the role of employee engagement at all in an organization? We do not realize the importance of it but employee experience and the flexibility of processes at a workplace play a major role in employee performance.

On an average, employees spend about 60% of their day at their workplaces. During this time, if they do not feel happy or satisfied at their workplaces, their productivity automatically decreases. Many organizations have started giving our freebies and company goodies for their employees but to what extent do these things help them?

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What an average employee really wants is, the feeling of security at work and affordable access to services like healthcare, a flexible leave policy, and a healthy work culture where their good work is recognized and they receive transparent and unbiased feedback.

According to a survey by Deloitte in 2017, one of the HR trends that needs our focus is employee engagement and everything that has to do with employee experience and employee happiness at workplace. As an HR it is important for you to communicate with employees frequently and understand the needs of your workforce.

Productivity is important for all the organizations. Most managers have meeting and discuss the ROI for their current workforce and make decisions accordingly. While this approach has worked for a few companies, most companies have destroyed their work culture with this approach. Performance review meetings are supposed to discuss the performance issues of employees and help them improve themselves. But most companies try to tie compensation to reviews which leads to the loss of the whole purpose of reviews.

Well, this is a discussion for another time. Coming back to employee productivity and employee engagement, it is important for HRs to understand the importance of few aspects that lead to improvement of employee engagement. Some of these aspects being, employee recognition, transparent goals, goal alignment to organizational goals, employee development and continuous feedback.

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All the above mentioned aspects help HRs to improve employee engagement at their workplaces. When employees feel valued and appreciated, their productivity increases and improves the overall organizational productivity. There are many other ways that HRs of current day utilize to engage their work force. They tend to organize events that make employees feel valued and included, many workplaces take out time and celebrate the employee of the month for their contribution to the company. Though this gets a little competitive, it is an attempt by companies to engage employees and keep them focused at work.

This is why employee engagement directly affects productivity at workplace. Many organizations also provide an opportunity for their employees to develop their skills. One of such initiatives was taken by Engagedly, when they started using Mentoring Complete to assign mentors to employees to improve develop their career trajectory and contribute to their company.


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