5 Smart Ways to Create Better Employee Engagement

by Kylee Stone Aug 6,2019

The People Strategy Leaders Podcast

with Srikant Chellappa, CEO

Employee engagement should be a major priority of any people-centric workplace. Everyday we come across various new ideas for engaging employees and drive productivity.

Some ideas work and some do not. Employees usually look for a way to connect with their organizational values and engaging your employees helps them feel connected with the organization, their colleagues, and aligned to the values of the company.

Though there are many activities that claim to be driving employee engagement, they do not work in the long run. To engage employees and drive satisfaction at workplace, you should build a culture of employee engagement. A culture where employees feel heard and valued, a culture that pushes them to put forward their best effort for your organization, a culture that supports employee development and nurtures them. 

Creating a culture that promotes employee engagement isn’t easy. It requires you to understand your current culture and know what part of it needs to change to keep your employees happy. Once you figure the part out, here are a few smart ways to help you build a culture of employee engagement.

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Collaborative Workplace

Creating a collaborative workplace helps your employees create connections with each other and reduce anxiety at workplace. It boosts employee engagement and increases employee efficiency. A collaborative workplace provides equal opportunities for employees to participate and communicate their ideas. Having a collaborative space to work promotes self-analysis and makes employees understand the bigger picture. 

Recognition/ Appreciation

As a manager, you should understand that there is no way to increase the efficiency of your team without appreciating their good work and recognizing them for it. Employees want to be noticed and want their work to be valued by their bosses. When you create a culture of frequent employee recognition, it improves employee satisfaction and employee engagement. Not just that, it also enhances teamwork at your office. 

Frequent Feedback

A culture of frequent feedback helps you promote a positive and engaging work culture where employees receive regular feedback, both negative and positive, helping them correct their course and increase productivity. This is a very important for any organization because employees crave direction from their managers and assurance that they are going in the right direction. Creating a culture of frequent feedback makes it easier for you to help your employees stay engaged at work. 

Pulse Surveys

Employees want to be heard. They want their opinions to be valued by their manager and their team. Employee surveys help your employees experience a sense of ownership and responsibility towards the organization. Also, as a manager, with these surveys you can understand and measure how engaged your employees are. The information from these surveys helps you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your employees. These help you create an action plan to engage employees on your team.

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Learning Culture

An organization that promotes continuous learning gives its employees the scope to expand their skills and learn constantly. Many organizations engage employees by using a learning management system that allows its users to learn through various approaches. It replaces the traditional classroom-learning and allows the user to take active control of their learning which engages them better. It also helps increase communication and collaboration between learners and instructors.

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