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by Srikant Chellappa Apr 30,2020

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with Srikant Chellappa, CEO

It is that time of the year again, but the only difference is that this year your performance review could take place remotely. Owing to the Covid-19 pandemic situation, most organizations have started functioning remotely.

We all know that performance reviews, no matter they are annual, half-yearly or quarterly, are a bit scary for the employees and a bit stressful for the managers too. In the current situation, it has become inevitable to review employee performance remotely. So, Engagedly is here to help you with managing the performance of your remote teams.

One of the most common challenges faced by organizations is tracking and monitoring employee performance. Many companies have started using HR management/ Performance Management software. These software help you digitize all the HR functions as well as performance management functionalities like goal setting, performance reviews, goal tracking, 360 degree feedback, employee on-boarding, employee development etc.

Setting employee goals is the first step to managing the performance of your remote team. While goal-setting seems like a huge task when you’re working with a team, there are many easier ways to do it. One of such ways is using an employee performance software. The next step is to find the best-fitting performance review software for your organization. Depending on the type of your organization and the industry, the software required also differs. However, Engagedly is designed in a way to suit almost every organization’s performance management needs.

Engagedly As A Performance Management Tool For Remote Teams

Easy Set-up

Setting up an Engagedly account is a piece of cake. All you need is a system and an internet connection. Since Engagedly is a cloud-based service provider, there is no special installation that needs to be carried out and neither do you have to wait for someone to come and install the application for you. Which is why, it is ideal to be used remotely. An Engagedly account is functional as soon as it’s created and users can begin exploring the application right away.


With Engagedly all a manager needs to do is set up a review cycle and the rest will be taken care. There’s no need for HR managers to chase after employees or managers to complete reviews or stress about review templates or worry about adding feedback or past reviews to the review process.

Engagedly digitizes almost every aspect of performance management which allows remote teams to carry out performance reviews without any hassle. Various modules within Engagedly integrate with each other seamlessly in order to ensure a holistic review process.

OKR / Goals And Continuous Feedback

Feedback and goals are two important components of a review process. The Feedback and Goals features are a great way for managers and employees to not only share and track feedback over a period of time but also keep track of an employee’s work and development over a period of time.

These features are not restricted to employees or managers alone. Rather, by making these features available to both of them, Engagedly makes it easier for everyone to communicate, be it about performance, self-development, improvements, achievements etc.

Robust Data Security

Engagedly takes data security very seriously. Our security policy is in compliance with not only the GDPR regulation recently passed by the EU but also United States security laws. In addition to having a data management policy in place in case of a data breach, we also frequently perform security checks to ensure that our data protection methods are up to date.

Additionally, Engagedly has been working on an updated version of the performance module for the past few months. This revamp of the module had always been a part of the plan and was something that began coalescing into a solid idea by end of 2019.

Engagedly’s newest Performance Management update can be considered a powerful successor to the Legacy Performance 1.0 module. Here are a few things that we wanted to accomplish:

  • Change the way clients and future users approach performance management.
  • Break down the complex review process to offer users a more comprehensive evaluation process.
  • A clean and user-friendly experience
  • Offer users more flexibility and greater control of the review process

In addition to refining the module, we also added some new features. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the powerful features of Engagedly’s performance management.

Skip-Level Manager

Sometimes, it is important for a skip-level manager to oversee the review given by a manager to their direct reports. Now, you can allow skip level managers to oversee the review given by a manager (Who reports to the skip-level manager)  to their direct reports. It is not always easy to do this, particularly not when you are working remotely.

With Engagedly, Skip-level managers get to approve the reporting manager’s review or unlock it so that the managers can change their review or they can edit it themselves (Only ratings and comments). The main idea behind this feature is to make sure that the review given by a reporting manager is unbiased and fair.

Review Manager

You can now delegate the review process to another person in the Performance module. We understand that sometimes, employees shift between multiple teams. And in those cases, there’s another manager out there who is more suited to reviewing their performance for the duration of the review period.

Training Recommendations

It is now possible to suggest training recommendations for users during the review process. Training recommendations are simply suggestions or learning/ development opportunities that the reviewing manager of HR manager think the reviewee could benefit from.

Third-level review templates

One of the features we are most proud of in the Performance 2.0 module is the third-level templates. We wanted to give users complete freedom when it comes to adding competencies to a performance template. Now, sub-competencies in a performance review template act as competencies themselves and rating is allowed for each of these sub-competencies.

The idea behind third-level review templates is to gain a better understanding of employee performance for each sub-competency.

Sign-off Questionnaire

With the addition of this feature, users will now be able to sign-off on a review and prevent any further changes from being made to the review.

Feedback Questionnaire

This feature was introduced to solicit feedback about the review process from users. Through the feedback questionnaire users can share their thoughts about the review process or even any comments or criticism they might have.

Engagedly is a holistic, people-focused and flexible performance appraisal software best for companies with 50 to 5,000 employees. Based on best practices, our simple approach to performance management is proven to improve employee engagement.


Engagedly is offering a suite of products part of its Remote Work Toolkit free to any organisation, until Sept 30th, 2020. 

The Coronavirus has affected the way we work today and for months to come. Unprecedented events require unprecedented measures. We at Engagedly believe it is our responsibility as socially conscious corporate citizens to help equip organisations with additional tools and resources during this time of crisis.

Get in touch with us to know more about the free remote working tool-kit. 

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