Engagedly Q3 Highlights: Product Enhancements to Power Your Workforce

by Chandler Barr Nov 6,2023

The People Strategy Leaders Podcast

with Srikant Chellappa, CEO

We’ve relentlessly refined and enhanced our product suite with our commitment to empowering you as an HR leader and a strategic enabler of People Strategy within your organization. In this Q3 product recap, you’re in for a treat! 

We’ve harnessed the power of intuitive AI-driven features and seamlessly integrated solutions to elevate your team’s productivity and efficiency. We’re excited to share how these latest innovations can supercharge your People Strategy and drive success. Let’s dive in!

Unlock the power of MarissaAI to streamline your People Strategy

Marissa AI offers solutions, including generative assistance, analysis and summarization, and HR support to assist People Leaders in addressing challenges. By providing quick insights, consolidating scattered resources, and offering platform guidance, it helps streamline employee experience. 

Ask Marissa: Your Ultimate HR Support Partner

Get access to information instantly with Ask Marissa – your ultimate resource for HR expertise and product documentation. Ask Marissa to listen to your unique questions, ensuring you receive a response that hits the bullseye and addresses your query. 

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HR Resources Bot: Unleash your HR Resources Library

Utilize Ask Marissa’s capability to answer all queries by creating a library of HR resources. All you have to do is upload all relevant resources to Marissa’s “Training Resources” library. Once your resources are in place, you’ll be amazed at how Ask Marissa handles employee queries effortlessly. 

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Survey Insights, Simplified with Marissa AI’s Summarization

Introducing Marissa AI’s latest superpower: Open-ended response summarization for surveys. No more guesswork or tiring analysis marathons. Just click on Marissa AI’s icon next to any survey question you want to summarize and watch the magic unfold. In an instant, those complicated open-ended responses are converted into concise summaries.

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Generate Impactful Descriptions Effortlessly with Marissa AI

Get rid of writer’s block with Marissa AI. Marissa AI generates concise, impactful descriptions tailored to your content. You can now create impactful descriptions for IDPs, surveys, learning courses, and comprehensive job descriptions, including requirements and responsibilities, using Marissa AI. 

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Leverage the Power of Marissa AI: Your Goal-Setting Companion 

Do you want to avoid the complexity of crafting impactful goals and key results? Marissa AI simplifies your goal-setting process, making it effortless. Now, Marissa AI assists you in generating goal titles and key results that are impactful and perfectly aligned with your overall objectives and expectations.

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Introducing Enhanced Integrations and Features to Streamline Goal Management

Supercharge Productivity and Performance with Salesforce, JIRA, and Google Sheets

Navigating through the complexities of goal management can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve combined the power of Salesforce, JIRA, and Google Sheets with Engagedly’s Goals 2.0 to provide a streamlined experience, empowering you to increase productivity and achieve tangible results. Imagine having a bird’s-eye view of your team’s productivity and organizational progress, all in one place. Embrace a unified dashboard that puts you in total control and streamlines alignment.

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Streamline Goal Management in the Flow of Work  

Stay on top of your goals in the flow of work with MS Teams, Slack, G Suite email, and MS Outlook. You can quickly check on milestones or goals, respond to comments, and mark your contributing goals using Engagedly’s Goals 2.0.  Manage and update your progress while staying fully immersed in your work.

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Turn your employees’ potential into reality with Growth Hub- 

Engagedly’s Growth Hub, powered by Marissa AI, enables organizations to foster a growth-oriented culture and empowers employees to take ownership of their careers with the help of tailored development plans.

Discover Your Workforce’s Potential with Career Aspirations 

Career Aspirations open the door to a profound understanding of your employees’ satisfaction levels in their current roles and career ambitions. It provides a panoramic view that reveals the alignment or misalignment between their present positions and future aspirations. 

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Reviews to Progress: Create IDPs directly from Performance Reviews!

Tired of struggling to bridge the gap between recognizing skill deficiencies and taking action? Now, create Individual Development Plans (IDPs) directly from performance reviews! This allows your employees to effortlessly craft the perfect IDP to address the gaps identified in performance reviews to excel in their roles and beyond.

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Introducing Easy Access to Your IDPs on Engagedly!

We’ve improved and enhanced your experience accessing your Individual Development Plans (IDPs) from multiple touch points within Engagedly. You can now navigate to your IDPs directly from the Homepage, Talent Profile, and Resource Center.

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Mobilize Engagement & Success with Engagedly’s Enhanced Mobile App!

Introducing Engagedly’s New Mobile App Homepage 

With Engagedly’s revamped mobile app homepage redesign, you’ll experience a fluid and more intuitive user experience. The new homepage features several easily accessible sections, giving you quick access to essential features. It has never been easier to find exactly what you’re looking for, saving you time and removing unnecessary hassles. 

Enhanced Social Module

Connect like never before with the new and enhanced Social Module on the Engagedly mobile app. Share ideas, show appreciation, and stay updated by accessing the Social Module from the homepage. Liking, commenting, and sharing has never been easier – always stay connected with colleagues and friends.

Streamlined Organizational Directory

Imagine having a digital Rolodex of your employees’ essential information in one place. The enhanced app provides easy access to the organizational directory from the homepage. Contact colleagues with a click, view crucial details, and have a comprehensive overview.

Access Team Pulse on the go

Managers, admins, and employees can effortlessly connect, share, and review Team Pulse check-ins. This can be done at their convenience, anytime, anywhere. No more worrying about missing deadlines or being tied to a desk. Stay connected and in the flow using a smartphone.

Introducing Automation and Recurrence For Survey Assignments! 

Tired of setting up and deploying surveys for recurring activities? Get rid of the time-consuming hassle of setting up and deploying surveys with workflow automation and Survey Recurrence features. Our automation and recurrence for Survey Assignments lets you easily automate the deployment of surveys regularly. By automating the survey process, you can spend your time more effectively and strategically. 

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At Engagedly, we share that same passion and dedication to equipping you with top-of-the-line modules, features, and integrations. We aim to empower you as an enabler of People Strategy within your organization. 

Chandler Barr
VP of Sales

Chandler Barr is the VP of Sales at Engagedly and is focused on driving a culture of progress over perfection in a no-fault environment where employees are secure and encouraged to think creatively to solve problems. Chandler is a seasoned leader that has scaled sales teams for SaaS startups and multibillion-dollar publicly traded tech companies, as well as, led Marines to accomplish the mission during hardships overseas.

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