Weekly Check-In Template for Engineering Team

by Srikant Chellappa Feb 25,2019

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with Srikant Chellappa, CEO

Weekly check-ins follow a general framework that can be used for everyone in an organization. However, as a manager, you have to take into account your team and what they do in order to make the check-in work for them.

This means, you have to craft check-in questionnaires according to the level of seniority, the kind of work employees do as well as the different areas they specialize in, despite being in the same department.

In this article, let us craft a simple check-in questionnaire that can be used for a software development team.

When creating a check-in questionnaire, there are a few things you need to keep mind, such as:

  • Asking questions that are relevant and specific
  • Including an emotional component to the questionnaire

The reason why is because a weekly check-in is only as effective as the questions it asks. If the template contains vague or poorly worded questions, the entire meeting might not be productive and instead, feel like a waste of time.

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Creating a weekly check-in questionnaire for a senior software developer

A questionnaire for a senior software developer might be more focused on a quick check-in, with a focus on the path they look forward to taking in the future.

The questionnaire might look a little like this.

  • Are you enjoying the work you are doing currently?
  • Have you faced any roadblocks?
  • What would you like to work on next? Any new challenges you would like to tackle?
  • Are there any new skills you are interested in learning?

This questionnaire is mostly forward-looking and not as rigid because the expectation is that senior developers are experienced, know how to tackle problems, and are generally good at what they do. Therefore, the questionnaire focuses on what they need in the future to keep doing what they are currently doing. 

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Creating a weekly check-in questionnaire for a junior software developer

On the other hand, a questionnaire for a junior software developer would look completely different than the one above. Junior software developers are relatively inexperienced and in many cases, might be at their first jobs.

Instead of focusing on the future, managers very much have to focus on the present and what they are currently doing.

The questionnaire for them might look a little like this.

  • Are you comfortable in this work environment
  • Are you pleased with the progress you are making?
  • What difficulties are you facing when doing your work and are you getting the help you need?
  • What could I do as a manager to help you integrate and work better?

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Srikant Chellappa
CEO & Co-Founder of Engagedly

Srikant Chellappa is the Co-Founder and CEO at Engagedly and is a passionate entrepreneur and people leader. He is an author, producer/director of 6 feature films, a music album with his band Manchester Underground, and is the host of The People Strategy Leaders Podcast. He is currently working on his next book, Ikigai at the Workplace, which is slated for release in the fall of 2024.

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