9 Actionable HR New Year Resolutions For 2019

by Srikant Chellappa Jan 4,2019

The People Strategy Leaders Podcast

with Srikant Chellappa, CEO

The new year is already here and it is a popular time for everyone to set resolutions for the year.  The new year is an opportunity for both individuals and businesses to evaluate their past year and come up with a plan for the rest of the year.

As your company prepares for 2019 by updating all the business processes, it is time for you, as an HR to set a few goals for yourself!

Here are a few new year resolutions for 2019 that HRs should make.

Design A Valuable Onboarding Program

New employees are usually filled with enthusiasm to contribute to a company’s success. Onboarding is one of the most important things for them.

When done right, onboarding can help you turn the new hires into productive and lasting employees. It is important to understand that on-boarding is very different from the training that is given to the new hires.

The on-boarding process usually includes staff introduction, introduction to company rules and policies, collecting details of the new hire, establishing employee goals and setting up a training schedule. Design an ideal onboarding program suitable for your organization and stick to it!

Focus On Employee Engagement

It is 2019, and it is time to acknowledge that employee engagement directly affects organizational productivity. As an HR, focus more on employee engagement activities that make employees feel valued and try to prevent disengagement. Communicate with the employees frequently by having frequent one-on-ones with them and recognize what they need to stay engaged at their work.

Align Team Goals With Company Goals

This year, make a resolution to align the department goals with company goals. For this to happen, you should communicate what your company goals are to your employees. You can do this by using a goal setting software, where your employees will be able to see the organizational goals and align their own goals with them. Using goal setting software like Engagedly, you can also oversee the goals of your direct reports and other teams. Aligning team goals with business goals gives employees a sense of accomplishment whenever they meet their goals because it helps them understand how their contribution affects the organizational goals.

Create A Culture Of Frequent Employee Check-ins/ Feedback

Frequent feedback is one of the very important aspects of employee management. Create a culture of frequent employee check-ins and feedback so that employees can share their concerns and ideas easily with you. This culture helps you drive employee engagement, strengthen employee/manager relationship and increase productivity. You can learn more about creating a culture of frequent employee check-ins here.

Create A Culture Of Continuous Learning

Most organizations see employee training/ learning as a one-time event that helps employees with onboarding. With the changing market needs, employees are required to update their skill-set constantly. Continuous learning is very important for the growth of both the organization and the employee.

As an HR, you should aim to create a culture of continuous learning by providing opportunities for your employees to learn and improve themselves constantly. Using a learning management system can help you add resources to it and assign them to employees depending on their need.

Engagedly’s learning management system helps you easily assign courses and track the progress of a learner. It also allows you to reward users on completion of courses.

Enhance Security

As an HR, it is your responsibility to ensure that all employee data is protected and secure. HRs are usually required to find and share documents on daily basis while they keep them secure. It is recommended for HRs to invest in a digital document management software that helps you organize, monitor and share employee documents securely.

Make Remote Working Easier

Remote working is popular these days. It is very challenging for both remote workers as well as their managers to manage them because they tend to feel disconnected from their team and feel left out and disengaged. Also, it is really difficult for managers to monitor the progress of their remote workers. As HR, make a resolution this year to make remote working easier. Use an employee management system to set goals and keep track of their progress. Communicate with them regularly and make them feel inclusive.

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Rethink Your Annual Performance Review Process

Rethinking performance management is at the top of the agendas of many companies, but only a few organizations have actually managed to redefine their performance management systems. This year make a resolution to ditch annual performance reviews and choose a performance management software for frequent employee reviews.

This helps you increase the overall productivity of your organization and drive employee engagement.

Provide Mental Health Resources For Employees

Though this is one of the less spoken issues, it is important to acknowledge mental health issues at the workplace. This year, make a resolution to help your employees with their mental health issues. Support your employees and provide them with resources that focus on mental health and help them manage their stresses.

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Srikant Chellappa
CEO & Co-Founder of Engagedly

Srikant Chellappa is the Co-Founder and CEO at Engagedly and is a passionate entrepreneur and people leader. He is an author, producer/director of 6 feature films, a music album with his band Manchester Underground, and is the host of The People Strategy Leaders Podcast. He is currently working on his next book, Ikigai at the Workplace, which is slated for release in the fall of 2024.

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