7 Easy and Popular Employee Appreciation Ideas

by Kylee Stone Feb 17,2020

The People Strategy Leaders Podcast

with Srikant Chellappa, CEO

Gone are the days when employee recognition was just something that certain workplaces would have in place. It’s now become a prerequisite in every organisation. And to be honest, high time it does!

A CareerBuilder study shows, 50% of employees tend to stay if they were visibly recognised. Yet another study says that 40% of employees who “do not feel meaningfully recognised will not go above their formal responsibilities to get the job done.

Given such stats, you would want all of your employees to deliver their best. And in order to compel them to do so, they need to feel recognised. An important thing to keep in mind here is, the recognition should be genuine.

Here are some easy and popular ideas for employee appreciation.

Establish rotating trophies

You can introduce a trophy for exemplary performance. Whenever an employee performs very well, they get to keep the trophy at their workstation for a week. When someone else delivers in the coming week, the trophy is passed on.

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Celebrate birthdays

There might be a few who prefer going low-key during their birthdays. But most people enjoy celebrating their birthdays and the attention it brings. It need not be very elaborate. You can keep it simple and easy, order a cake and some snacks, and make them feel special.

Initiate team lunches and outings

Once a month or once in two months, teams can be eligible for a lunch or snacks outing. These little breaks from the workplace eases out the tension and also helps employees bond with each other at a deeper level.

Go public with praises

Whenever an employee has achieved something worthwhile, even if it’s small scale, appreciate them in front of others. Post a light comment on social media or on the company forum. This makes the employee feel good and gives the right kind of push to deliver better.

Give surprise treats

You don’t always need an occasion to shower appreciation on your employees. Just order some pizzas, muffins or ice-cream, call for a break and subtly let them know how much you appreciate their inputs and dedication.

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Stand up for them

There might be times when other employees would try to push their priorities on your employees. Stand by them and handle the situation intelligently. That way, the employees would know that their manager cares for them and supports them in the face of need.

Encourage growth

Recognise personal visions that your employees have and encourage them to take up courses to enhance their skillsets in that direction. Make them believe that they are not in a dead-end job, but a place where self-development is appreciated. If the enhanced skillset suits company needs, you can even promote the employee to a better position.

Employees are by far the most precious resource in any organisation. Yet often, other assets are given far more value than what human resource gets. Don’t just limit employee appreciation to one day. Inculcate small gestures that make great impact.

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