Wondering How to Set OKRs For the Engineering Team?

by Chandler Barr Jul 25,2020

The People Strategy Leaders Podcast

with Srikant Chellappa, CEO

Why do we need goals? Because measuring performance is a very important aspect of any organization and goals help us monitor and track employee performance. So why not shift to something that’s highly effective? Objectives and key results (OKRs) is one of the most popular approaches for setting goals and achieving them.

If you wish to keep your team on track and align the work with the organization’s overall objectives, OKRs are a really great way to do so. It is recommended that you set OKRs at your team level and then move to individual OKRs. If you are looking for examples to get started with OKRs for your engineering team, here are a few examples that can help you get started!

Critical thinking is the basic essence of OKRs. These are examples that you can use as base to start framing OKRs for your team. 

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1. Objective: Improve software’s performance

Key Results: 

  1. Create a checklist of standard procedure to follow
  2. Reduce number of critical bugs by 10%
  3. Reduce the average response time on the app to less than 500 ms
  4. 30% reduction in runtime warnings

2. Objective: Improve quality in every release

Key Results:

  1. Contribute to at least 1000 code reviews by the end of every sprint
  2. Increase sprint capacity from 85 to 100 SP
  3. Reduce bugs by 20% a week before release

3. Objective: Improve data security for users

Key Results:

  1. Upgrade processes and reduce data migration time by 80%
  2. Reduce occurrences of data breach to 100%
  3. Reduce breakdowns in the peak hours by 90%
  4. Increase security by 50% using new protocol for addressing product security issues

4. Objective: Update testing procedures

Key Results:

  1. Increase unit test coverage to 75% of code
  2. Revisit all open issues from 6 month old code and find up to 50 bugs
  3. Less than 3 bugs reported by end users per release

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Chandler Barr
VP of Sales

Chandler Barr is the VP of Sales at Engagedly and is focused on driving a culture of progress over perfection in a no-fault environment where employees are secure and encouraged to think creatively to solve problems. Chandler is a seasoned leader that has scaled sales teams for SaaS startups and multibillion-dollar publicly traded tech companies, as well as, led Marines to accomplish the mission during hardships overseas.

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