7 Staff Appreciation Ideas That Actually Work

by Kylee Stone Mar 11,2020

The People Strategy Leaders Podcast

with Srikant Chellappa, CEO

John, you did a great job with the presentation. Very precisely articulated and insightful”. Imagine getting a positive feedback like this, every time you put in hard work.

Its employee appreciation that keeps a workforce engaged. According to various researches conducted over time, if you feel appreciated it’s the greatest driving force to perform better. But sadly, one of the areas where companies still end up disappointing employees is employee recognition.

Here are some points to enhance staff appreciation that makes a difference:

Share more positive feedback:

This is quite obviously the first point, even though we’ve been talking about it from the introduction itself. Providing positive feedback on a regular basis can really boost up employee morale and encourage them to put in more effort and energy into delivering good quality work.

Give customised merchandise:

You might think it’s a passé and no one really cares, but they do. Getting cool customised notebooks, mugs, hoodies and other things from workplace can make employees feel like an integral part of the organisation. They are practical gifts which can often become a pride factor for many employees.

Public appreciation:

Whenever possible, share a pat on the back for employees who deserve it and make it a public announcement of some sort. Be it on the company forum or in weekly meetings, when you appreciate an employee for good work, you are encouraging them, as well as making it a point to others that if they work well, they will get appreciated too.

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Establish an award system:

When employees are performing well, you can initiate a system wherein the leadership team can select the top performer and give an award for iconic performance. It would be great example for others, as everyone would work better to get to that level. It’s important though, to not let any sort of biases come in between the decision making.

Plan lunch or evening outings:

You would’ve heard the saying, “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy”. Don’t let your employees slide into that void of dullness. Take them out for lunch or evening gatherings, enjoy some informal conversations, let them know that you value their contribution and support. This will definitely engage them and keep them happier.

Surprise them:

If your team has been performing well, surprise them with unexpected ‘time off’ moments. Give them a day off so that they can spend the day on themselves and their loved ones. After giving in a lot of effort and hard work, a surprise time-off like this can make them feel highly appreciated and they would come back refreshed and energised.

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Go for social work:

If your organisation believes in giving back to the community, you can organise a sponsored social service day. Take your team over for a social cause like distributing books and stationery to under-privileged children, sanitary napkins for the poor, or just spend some time in an old-age home with the elderly. Not only will the employees respect you and the company more, they’ll understand how much the company cares for their welfare.

Staff appreciation can be practiced in every company, without having to put in much of effort. It’s just about connecting with your employees and recognising their efforts once in a while. As a result, you’ll have highly engaged employees and co-workers, who will continue to deliver their best, and the best part… they won’t want to leave you and go.

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