Weekly Check-ins For A Productive 2024

by Srikant Chellappa Jan 14,2020

The People Strategy Leaders Podcast

with Srikant Chellappa, CEO

HR managers try new methods of engaging employees and improving overall productivity from time to time. Some approaches work and some do not, based on various factors like, industry type and the culture of work.

What most managers do not realize is that, with the changing work culture, it is important to monitor the employee’s progress and help them with the roadblocks they face from time to time.

Employee check-ins are a great way to for managers to gain a clear understanding about their employees. They help you improve your organization’s overall productivity by enabling managers and team members to frequently discuss any questions, concerns, or ideas they have.

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Here’s how having a culture of frequent check-ins at your company, can help you increase the overall productivity.


Having frequent employee check-ins allows you to communicate with your employees frequently and get a proper understanding of their current work. This also makes employees feel that they have a safe place to share their concerns as well as discuss their ideas. Keeping an open line of communication between managers and employees boosts morale and fosters positive relationships.


Communication is the key to establishing trust between employees and managers. Having weekly employee check-ins allows you to build that rapport with your team members. Encourage employees to come to you with questions, ideas and concerns so that they understand that you genuinely want to support them.

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Having healthy work discussions from time to time through weekly check-ins leaves no scope for employees to procrastinate. This practice helps them understand and stay current with what is expected of them. It helps you reinforce good behavioural patterns in your employees and make them stay away from the bad practices.

Solutions And Motivation

Having weekly check-ins at your workplace allows you to fix potential issues before they escalate. It is easy to correct any employee performance issues quickly and enhance employee performance which contribute to increase in productivity. Employees tend to feel valued and included when their work is validated and approved by their managers. Employee check-ins allow you, as a manager, to motivate your employees to feel validated and heard which in turn results to improved performance and improved productivity.

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Having frequent discussions with different levels of employees helps you improve your leadership skills and helps the employees improve their problem-solving skills. This practice is a great way to understand the nature of work and predict any roadblocks and fix them beforehand.

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