Wellbeing At Work – The Remote Edition [Infographic]

by Jacqueline Martinez Apr 16,2021

The People Strategy Leaders Podcast

with Srikant Chellappa, CEO

Most of us globally have been working from home or in a hybrid environment for over a year now; it is more than what we ever imagined. Considering the current situation, we may continue to work remotely, at least for some time now.

While initially companies and employees were equally skeptical of working from home, but it has its own benefits for both. It helped companies to reduce their costs and recruit employees from the global talent pool. On the other hand, employees gained the flexibility to work from anywhere and no need to travel to work.

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Initially, many of us blended seamlessly with the process. But recent statistics suggest that the number of employees who reported stress, anxiety, and loneliness has increased. Not only this, but they also reported extra screen hours as compared to what they used to do previously. It affects their mental and physical health, makes them feel exhausted and less productive. As a result, they become disengaged and disconnected from the organization. It impacts the overall productivity of the employees, which ultimately affects the organization.

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HRs, organizations, and employees should collaborate and realign their existing employee wellness schemes to support the wellbeing of their remote employees. Organizations should no longer focus only on physical wellbeing but also address mental wellness issues. Here are four employee wellbeing initiatives that organizations can focus on for the wellbeing of their remote employees.

wellbeing at work the remote edition

How are you managing the well-being of your remote employees? Do let us know in the comments.

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