What Is Social Performance Management?

by Jacqueline Martinez Aug 22,2020

The People Strategy Leaders Podcast

with Srikant Chellappa, CEO

While you’re still struggling with choosing the frequency of your performance reviews, there’s a new employee performance management system on the block that is working wonders for many organizations: Social performance management.

Performance management fails in a few organizations for various reasons like having an outdated system, no frequent feedback etc. Most companies are increasing looking at new ways of measuring an employee’s performance. One of those ways is social performance management.

Social Performance Management

Social performance management or SPM is a spin on traditional social media. On traditional social media, you can convey information quickly and also receive a response quickly. You can talk to literally anybody, create interest groups and also state opinions.

A system which is geared towards or created with SPM in mind allows employees to do the same thing. The only thing that changes is the context in which they do it.

In SPM systems, employees can share opinions, thoughts, ideas with everyone in an organization. There’s no hierarchy that separates employees and managers and leaders.  They can request for feedback and also receive feedback, in real-time. Managers or employees do not need to wait till the year ends before asking for or giving feedback.

The best part of an SPM system is that its users can be anywhere and still communicate  with one and other successfully. Employees in different corners of the world can interact with each other as if they were facing each across a desk.

Organizations are slowly but surely adopting SPM systems because they have realized that the very concept of PM is outdated. Some of the organizations which have adopted SPM systems are Hubspot, Mozilla, Hootsuite etc.

Engagedly 2.0 – Performance Redefined

Engagedly’s main goal is to drive employee engagement. And you cannot drive employee engagement if your Performance management system gives neither employees or managers any say in the process. Here’s how Engagedly’s social performance management system can help with feedback, peer recognition, and communication.

Two-Way Employee Feedback

In order for feedback to be effective, it needs to be a continuous process. Traditional performance management systems have a convoluted feedback process that is of usually no help. They can be frustrating, delayed and insufficient. Not the kind of process that improves employee engagement.

Engagedly’s feedback process is easy. With a few button clicks, you can either share or request for feedback. It is immediate and therefore, more helpful than feedback which arrives long after the task has been completed.

Communication – No Levels

Communication among all the employees of an organization is vital. Not just among peers. Leaders cannot be closed off from employees and employees should not have to think of leaders as mysterious, inscrutable figures. Good communication can drive engagement and increase productivity.

Engagedly’s communication feature is simple and easy to use. Similar to Facebook, you can post a status which people can comment upon, like or unlike. But Engagedly also goes further than that. You can ask your fellow colleagues for help, share ideas or even share knowledge

Peer Recognition

One of the most important aspects of employee engagement is recognizing employees who have done good work and commending them for it. Our peer recognition feature makes recognizing an employee or a colleague a breeze.


Engagedly is offering a suite of products part of its Remote Work Toolkit free to any organisation, until Sept 30th, 2020. 

The Coronavirus has affected the way we work today and for months to come. Unprecedented events require unprecedented measures. We at Engagedly believe it is our responsibility as socially conscious corporate citizens to help equip organisations with additional tools and resources during this time of crisis.

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Jacqueline Martinez
Director of Marketing

Jacqueline Martinez is the Director of Marketing at Engagedly, where she leads initiatives to fuel the marketing-to-sales pipeline through strategic content management, revenue operations, and thoughtful mentoring. She is a growth-focused marketing executive with extensive experience driving multi-million-dollar revenues across SaaS, technology, real estate, oil & gas, and financial services industries.

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