HR Performance Metrics & Earning that Seat at the Executive Table

What does it really means to be a strategic HR leader?


HR leaders who want a seat at the executive “strategy planning” table need to become Human Resources critical thinkers who align their people plans (HR strategy) with the strategic goals and profitability of the company.


Far too often, people-pleasing HR leaders fail to cultivate the mindset necessary for creating strategy that adds value to the overall organizational success. This not only stems from traditional HR expectations which focus on people, compliance, and problems but also from HR leaders not managing their own strategic value and intentionally building their department and initiatives on a profitability mindset.


In this webinar, Anisa Aven, CEO of TurnKey Coaching & Development Solutions and Sri Chellappa, President of Engagedly, both discuss how HR leaders can earn that seat at the table by focusing on profitability, innovation, and the growth of the company.

Developing an Engaged Employee Culture

Developing an engaged employee culture in highly regulated industries such as the banking and student loan industry is not an easy one. How do you toe the line between engaging employees while being compliant?


In this webinar, Garrett Wilson, Director of Talent and Culture at ReliaMax discusses how the Engagedly platform helped ReliaMax develop an engaged employee culture, with a high degree of accountability and independence while still being compliant with regulatory requirements.

7 Steps to Build and Sustain a Feedback – Driven Culture

There are numerous benefits to building a feedback-driven culture. They include increased engagement and improved performance for one. Not only is it beneficial for employees, but it benefits the organization as well.


In this webinar, Aaron Adams, Partner of HR Alignment and Strategy at Engagedly, discusses how organizations can build a feedback-driven culture with a 7-step process.