Team Pulse

A listening tool where employee check-ins meet real-time employee engagement pulse

EngagedlyElevate Engagement

Ask. Listen. Guide

Team Pulse utilizes a series of thought-provoking questions to help managers and leaders gain a better understanding of their employees. A recurring set of questions is sent out to employees on a set frequency to uncover insights, and the root causes of issues, allowing them to guide better and make informed decisions.

EngagedlyMeasure Impact

Continuous real-time employee engagement

Measure real-time impact and share learnings with your team using Engagedly’s E10 and Team Pulse. E10 measures overall employee engagement, while Team Pulse helps measure the impact of engagement initiatives in real-time, including survey questions like eNPS for a comprehensive assessment.

EngagedlyAI-Powered Report Summaries

Streamline and summarize your Team Pulse reports with Marissa AI

Using Marissa AI, you can now summarize the responses to open-ended questions on Team Pulse in just a few clicks. Making better decisions will be easier with Marissa AI summarizing responses, and you’ll better understand your employees’ engagement levels. With impactful summaries, you’ll stay up-to-date on your employees’ sentiments and pulse and keep your organization on track to success. With Marissa AI, discover a more insightful approach to understanding your organization’s engagement and pulse.

Psychology Driven

The Question-Behavior Effect

Asking the right question can have a powerful and transformative effect. Team Pulse uses tried and trusted frameworks to tap into and drive behavior change. Team Pulse’s nudge-type questions can inspire employee transformation and motivate them to take desired actions.


How Team Pulse works

1. Select Questions

Admin selects from a pool of curated questions or creates custom questions and launches them for the teams to respond to and managers to review.

2. Customize Questions

Admin may add Engagement Pulse driver questions from Engagedly’s Private Question Library. Their responses are visible only to admins and may be marked as anonymous for employees.

3. Department Specific

Managers can add more questions for their respective teams.

4. Survey Response

Employees respond to the questions every week.

5. Review Responses

Managers review the responses and comments for further discussion. They can also view overall team sentiment on the Team page.

6. Team Analytics

Admin gets a dashboard view of the team’s responses.


Tailored Solutions to Meet Various Learning Needs

Streamlined Onboarding Processes

Expedite the onboarding of new employees by using the LXP to deliver interactive and engaging onboarding modules.

Workforce Training

Empower employees to acquire new skills, stay updated on industry trends, and enhance their capabilities for current and future roles by offering curated courses.

Improved Compliance

Deliver targeted compliance training to ensure that employees.

Build Learning Communities

Promote collaboration through social learning by encouraging employees to share knowledge, exchange insights, and collaboratively learn for a dynamic learning ecosystem.

Accelerate Sales Success

Drive excellence by providing sales teams with it the personalized learning experiences, seamless of a and mobile access and relevant content, transforming rat your sales force into a revenue-generating and is are powerhouse force into a revenue-generating pok so.

Extended Enterprise

Expand training programs by providing learning and training opportunities to external users by simply adding them to learning groups.

Talent Development

Fuel business growth by empowering employees with personalized learning, tools, and opportunities for skill development.
Team Pulse

Drive collaboration and excellence with Team Pulse

With Team Pulse, leadership at all levels can leverage data to lead with confidence. Embrace the data advantage to identify strengths, address challenges, and empower your teams to reach new heights of productivity and collaboration.

Data-Driven Performance Management

Team Pulse empowers HR leaders with valuable insights into the overall health and performance of the organization. Gain a competitive edge by leveraging data to drive strategic decisions and create a culture of continuous improvement.

  • Organizational Health Metrics
  • Team Alignment Assessment
  • Employee Engagement Analysis
  • Data-Driven Strategy
Streamlined Performance Management and Insights

​Enhance performance management and gain valuable insights into team dynamics and engagement. Make data-driven decisions and foster a thriving work environment.

  • Comprehensive Performance Data
  • Continuous Feedback Loop
  • Early Issue Detection
Empowering Employees for Personal and Professional Growth

Take charge of their professional growth, foster open communication, and create a positive work environment where your voice is heard

  • Transparent Performance Feedback
  • Opportunities for Improvement
  • Collaboration and Engagement
  • Career Growth Visibility
Roadmap to Team Pulse

Get a pulse on your people

Engagedly’s Team Pulse is a unique offering which combines the ability for HR leaders to pulse engagement questions anonymously and have manager team check-ins weekly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simplify performance reviews

What is performance evaluation software?

Performance review software helps organizations assess and measure employee performance. It streamlines the evaluation process, automates tracking, and generates data-driven insights. It allows employers to create custom evaluation forms, set goals, track progress, and generate performance reports. Features include 360-degree feedback, goal management, metrics tracking, employee self-evaluation, and real-time feedback.

How can performance review software help?

A performance evaluation tool helps to standardize and streamline evaluations, providing fair and transparent assessments. It also offers valuable insights into employee performance trends, skill gaps, and areas for improvement, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and driving employee engagement, productivity, and organizational success.

What is the best method to track employee performance?

The best method to track employee performance is a combination of regular feedback, goal setting, and metrics tracking. This approach enables employers to provide ongoing support and guidance, set achievable targets, and measure progress objectively. It also helps to foster a culture of accountability, continuous improvement, and employee engagement.

What are the 5 best tools for performance management?

The five best tools for performance management include 1) Engagedly, 2) BambooHR, 3) ClearCompany, 4) Leapsome, and 5) Reflektive. Performance management tools offer a range of features, such as goal setting and tracking, real-time feedback, coaching, talent analytics, and 360-degree feedback.

What are the 7 performance elements?

The seven performance elements are job knowledge, quality of work, productivity, initiative, communication skills, teamwork, and dependability. Employers use these elements to evaluate and measure employee performance, identify areas for improvement, and provide feedback and support.

Proof is in the Numbers

Change, grow, & excel

Engagedly clients experience streamlined processes, boosted productivity, & increased engagement. 
It’s your turn to see just how much Engagedly can do for your organization!
Performance Management Time Saved

Administrators experienced a positive impact on the time to complete performance management tasks.

Impact on Employee Development

HR Professionals agree that Engagedly has a positive impact on Employee Development.

Improved Employee Retention

Businesses stated that Engagedly made a positive impact on their employee retention.

Our Satisfied Customers

Real Success, Real Stories.

Today’s organizations need strategic solutions, and they trust Engagedly to get the work done. Read the success stories of our customers.

It’s a very good tool for a smaller company that, just like the big companies, needs to address these issues. It has excellent features. I love that I can use this for onboarding, light LMS, and performance management/goals and development.


Tess F, Director, Employee Development

51-200 employees

User friendly and interactive. Overall it makes it easier to document observations of employees. It give continuous appraisal and update of colleagues.


Tonie W, Senior Accountant

51-200 Employees

Exceptional Platform and Customer Service. This software is extremely intuitive for all involved. I researched 8 of the top platforms my competitors were using and decided to go with Engagedly over them all.


Shereen S, Training Manager

501-1000 Employees

EASY TO USE! Great way to share information and communicate with all staff members in the office. The layout makes it VERY user friendly.


Sara G, Customer Support Rep

201-500 Employees

Engagedly has been our best software selection yet! Our compliance with our performance, goal setting, feedback and learning has been exponentially higher with the software.


Laura B, Director, Talent Management

51-200 employees

Glad we picked Engagedly! It has quickly become part of our every day work life. From launching with praise/recognition to weekly check-ins to quarterly 1-on-1s, internal adoption, because of ease of use, has gone well.


Karen F, Head of People/HR

201-500 Employees


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