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Comparing Engagedly & Reflektive

What is Engagedly?

Engagedly is an advanced performance management and employee engagement software designed to align people-practices with organizational strategy. With the purpose of optimizing performance, Engagedly works on the E3 framework: Engage people, Enable development, and Execute performance.

The Engagedly platform empowers HR teams to monitor performance appraisals, enhance employee engagement, and conduct performance reviews. Offering scalability and customization, Engagedly encompasses a wide range of features such as OKRs/goal setting, real-time feedback, ongoing check-ins, 360-degree feedback, and talent analytics. This comprehensive solution caters to organizations of all sizes, ensuring efficient management of their workforce.

What is Reflektive?

Reflektive is a Performance Management platform designed to empower individuals in their pursuit of professional success. With its range of features, including real-time feedback and recognition, goal management tools, a streamlined check-in/performance review system, and polling features, Reflektive offers a diverse set of functionalities. While it serves the needs of some users adequately, those seeking a truly transformative experience find other platforms like Engagedly better suited to their aspirations and goals.

Why do Companies Choose Engagedly Over Reflektive?

Engagedly’s cutting-edge people + strategy platform is meticulously crafted to cater to the needs of agile and dynamic workplaces. It serves as a catalyst for professional growth by empowering employees and equipping managers with powerful tools to facilitate meaningful conversations and achieve goals.

Engagedly equips leadership by sharing invaluable feedback and comprehensive analytics, enabling them to refine their People strategy continually. With its sleek and scalable design, Engagedly offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing employers to tailor the system to their specific workforce seamlessly.

The robust platform boasts a multitude of capabilities while accommodating employers’ unique journeys, allowing them to embark and progress at their own preferred pace. Revolutionize your organization’s approach to people management with Engagedly and unlock the true potential of your workforce.

5 Reasons to Switch From Reflektive to Engagedly

Elevate Productivity and Cultivate a Culture of Appreciation

Engagedly offers a comprehensive suite of rewards and recognition tools designed to boost productivity and foster a positive work environment. With customizable badges, point-based systems, and interactive gamification features, our platform creates an engaging and rewarding experience that motivates employees to perform at their best.

Engagedly’s seamless integration allows you to effortlessly track, communicate, and reward your team members, regardless of their location. Whether in the office or working remotely, Engagedly ensures that employee engagement and motivation remain high. Unlike Reflektive, Engagedly empowers organizations to truly harness the positive impact of rewards and recognition, creating a vibrant and high-performing workforce that feels valued and motivated to excel.

Employee Development and Growth

Maximize outcomes by prioritizing employee development through continuous learning and growth. Engagedly’s comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) empowers organizations to create training programs and import content libraries from trusted providers. Elevate your workforce with ongoing development and help them fulfill their career aspirations. Embrace the power of a robust LMS and stay ahead in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

Team Pulse: Elevate Productivity and Drive Team Success

Team Pulse revolutionizes the way teams work by providing real-time visibility and seamless communication. Stay on top of projects with ease, ensuring everyone is aligned and working towards shared goals. Engagedly Team Pulse offers an intuitive interface and powerful analytics that empower you to track progress, identify bottlenecks, and make data-driven decisions for optimal outcomes.

Gain a Competitive Edge Through Employee Skill Management

Employee Skills Management enables you to identify, develop, and leverage the unique talents of your team. Gain valuable insights into the skills and expertise within your organization, empowering you to strategically align resources and projects for maximum efficiency. By optimizing skill utilization, you can enhance productivity and drive innovation, setting your business apart from the competition. Experience Engagedly’s cutting-edge tools that help support employee skill management and effective utilization of resources.

Marissa™ AI, Your Enablement Coach

Marissa AI empowers organizations to optimize their talent allocation by ensuring the right people are in the right roles. By leveraging AI, Engagedly drives organizational growth and success through strategic talent management. With its powerful algorithms and data-driven insights, MarissaTM AI enables you to make informed decisions that drive performance and propel your business forward. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, Engagedly provides advanced people and talent management solutions that surpass traditional approaches.

Feature Comparison

Engagedly vs. Reflektive

Product Engagedly Reflektive
Multiple Goal Creation
360 Feedback
Flow-of-Work Integrations
Talent Profile
Team Pulse
Marissa™ AI
Auto Update Goals from Tools
Frequently Asked Questions

Employee Performance Tools Simplified

What are the critical differences between Engagedly and Reflektive?

Engagedly stands out with its comprehensive approach to talent management, prioritizing various facets of employee development and performance. In contrast, Reflektive may have some limitations in terms of features, including Team Pulse, Skills Management, Learning and Development, Rewards and Recognition, and Auto-Update Goals. However, Engagedly's commitment to providing a more holistic solution makes it an excellent choice for organizations seeking a robust platform to nurture and optimize their workforce effectively.

Does Engagedly support mobile devices?

Engagedly supports the following devices: Android, iPad, and iPhone.

What are the different features offered by Engagedly?

The different features Engagedly offers include Performance management, HR management, Recognition and Rewards, Surveys, Time Tracking, Collaboration, Reporting and Analytics, Mobile App, and Integrations.

Engagedly has tons of features: performance reviews, goals, feedback, gamification, surveys, etc. I’ve asked them to add custom features and their development turn around time is amazing. This company really listens and responds quickly to customer requests.


Jessica D, HR Director

201-500 Employees

Engagedly has been our best software selection yet! Our compliance with our performance, goal setting, feedback and learning has been exponentially higher with the software.


Laura B, Director, Talent Management

51-200 employees

The software is very user friendly and has a strong look-and-feel. My favorite feature is the Feedback tool – this is well designed and allows a great amount of flexibility for the user when giving or receiving feedback.


Nicole M, Talent Development Partner

501-1000 Employees

Using Engagedly has allowed us to communicate more efficiently and effectively as an office. I love how user friendly this software is to navigate.


Rebecca B, Customer Support Rep

51-200 Employees

I love it . Definitely gonna spend my money here continuously. The product is so superb. I love that they have what I need. It’s very affordable and it really helps me a lot in doing the things I want for myself. Well done to this company!


Andrelyn C, Human Resources Director

51-200 employees

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