The old adage, ‘Money can’t buy you everything’ has a kernel of truth behind it. You can pay your employees the most handsome of salaries, but if you are not going to recognize it, it might all be in vain anyways.

Human beings are social animals. We thrive on interacting with others, being with others, being recognized by others etc.

In the ideal workplace, all employees are recognized and then rewarded. In the modern workplace however, we seemed to have turned this concept on its head. It’s all about rewards nowadays. And while rewards are good, without recognition to go along with them, they’re pretty much useless. It’s recognition for employees that is important.

Let me put it this way. Rewards may satiate your hunger, but it is recognition which makes you feel content.

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Here are 4 employee recognition tips for managers that should help you support and retain employees.

Use Your Words

No, people cannot read your mind and figure out that you appreciate their work. And they shouldn’t have to. Use your words and tell your employees what you think. Kind, appreciative words can work a lot more magic than just rewards.

Make It A Habit

Once you start appreciating employees, it becomes a habit. Remember to do it regularly and it becomes easier over time.

Say It Like You Mean It

Your employees can recognize the tone of your voice. And they can probably recognize when you are being true, and when you are being fake. When recognizing employees, make sure you really mean what you’re saying.

Recognize and develop

One other way to recognize that your employees are doing good work is to help them figure out where they want go next, or what they want to do next. It is an act of help they will never forget and you will also have the pleasure of knowing that you helped a good employee become better.

If you’ve got any employee recognition tips for managers, then share them with us in the comments section below!

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